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Dinosaur Valentines (with Free Printable Card)

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Feel like you need to RAWR your way into someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day? Well, these Dinosaur Valentines will sure do the trick! Just a few quick supplies and you’ll be on your way to say just how DINO-MITE you truly feel about someone.

Dinosaur Valentines (with Free Printable Card) #dinosaur #valentine #valentineprintables #freeprintables #dinosaurcraft

What You Need to Make Dinosaur Valentines:

How to Make Dinosaur Valentines:

  1. Use scissors to cut along the outer edge of the colored square border on each valentine.
  2. Place a dab of hot glue on the section of the dinosaur that will touching the paper and press it down. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. (The hot glue will peel off and not damage the dinosaur)
  3. Punch a hole through the paper above and below the dinosaur.
  4. Run a string through the holes in the paper and tie a bow in the front.
  5. Be ready to give all your friends and loved ones some adorable Dinosaur Valentines and tell them how DINO-MITE they are!Dinosaur Valentines (with Free Printable Card) #dinosaur #valentine #valentineprintables #freeprintables #dinosaurcraftDinosaur Valentines (with Free Printable Card) #dinosaur #valentine #valentineprintables #freeprintables #dinosaurcraft
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