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DIY “Batrón” Upcycled Patrón Bottle

I love nerdy things and lately I’ve been really into Batman. The new game was just released last week and my husband has been playing it (I’ve played a little but really love to watch). So of course, I have BAT BRAIN. Yep it’s a thing (not really, but it’s pretty cool to say). So this weekend when my crafting side started itching, I came up with this DIY “Batrón” Upcycled Patrón Bottle Craft! If you ask me, I think it’s pretty BAT-RILLIANT!

Now, I want to let you all know that you can make your own upcycled Patrón bottle and enter The Art of Patron Bottle Art Competition for a chance to win some amazing prizes! Hurry you must enter before July 17th! ENTER HERE.

batron final

Okay so you already know how I feel about this, but what exactly do others think? Here are some reviews on Batrón from some well-known villains and friends of Batman…

Batron Reviews

Note: each and every one of these reviews are authentic! I interviewed them myself so they are LEGIT. 😉

So now that you know this stuff is amazing (and by stuff I really mean the bottle) you may be wondering how you can make one of these yourself. Guess what? I have an entire tutorial for you! So stick around my batty friends!

Supplies Needed to Make a “Batron” Upcycled Patrón Bottle:

batron upcycled patron bottle supplies

How to Make a “Batrón” Upcycled Patrón Bottle:

  1. Obtain an empty Patrón bottle. Either drink all the Patrón or put the tequila into another container.
  2. Thoroughly clean the inside of the bottle with soap and warm water. Hang upside down to dry.
  3. Spray paint the cork with the spray paint. It may take several coats but allow each coat to dry before applying more paint.
  4. While the cork is drying, you can begin working on other details. The first is to print, trace, and cut out the bat symbol in both cardstock and in the cardboard. You want them both the same size. I used this batman symbol HERE.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess1
  5. Spray the cardboard with the spray paint and allow to dry.
  6. Once the cardboard piece is dry, glue the black cardstock bat symbol onto the cardboard using your clear tacky glue. Set aside to dry.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess2
  7. It’s now time to paint the inside of your Patrón bottle. The easiest way to do it is by pouring the black enamel paint into the bottle. Then gently swirl it around until all the paint has covered the entire inside of the bottle.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess3
  8. Once the bottle is entirely coated on the inside with paint, hang it upside down in a large cup and allow it to drip dry. This step will take several hours so I suggest completing the rest of the steps in the meantime.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess4
  9. Now it’s time to create the special “Batrón” label for the bottle. First I started by downloading the Algeria font (which is the same font as the original Patrón bottle).
  10. Then I used my Silhouette Studio software and traced an actual image of the original Patrón Label like shown:batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess5
  11. I deleted what wasn’t necessary (all the smaller details such as alcohol volume, size, etc.) and added a “B” instead of a “P”. I then changed the “silver” to black and replaced the bee image with a batman symbol. Here is the label in process…batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess6
  12. As you can see I also deleted any extra lines on the outside since those would be really hard to cut and weed. Here is the finished label and what it looks like traced:batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess7
  13. Cut the image above (those dimensions are exactly the ones that fit onto the front of the bottle perfectly) out using your black vinyl and very carefully weed out your image. It will take some time since the words are quite small but it will be worth the patience. Set aside.
  14. Delete everything on the inside with exception of the 2 outside lines. You are going to copy the most inside line and make it a bit bigger like shown: batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess8
  15. Cut this shape out in yellow vinyl.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess9
  16. Combine the two pieces of vinyl. You are basically overlaying the black vinyl with the words on top of the yellow vinyl.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess10
  17. Remove the labels from the Patrón bottle.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess11
  18. Apply the new label carefully. Ensure it’s straight and you can even use a credit card to smooth out the edges. You can also use a blow dryer to apply heat and then smooth out the bubbles with your fingers.batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess12
  19. All that is left at this point is to add the cork back onto the bottle. First, you need to attach your cardboard bat symbol to the cork. The easiest way to do this is by using a knife to slice a small slit into the top of the cork like shown:batron upcycled patron bottle inprocess13
  20. Then add a bit of hot glue into the hole and place the bat symbol into it. Allow to dry and replace cork into bottle.
  21. Your own Batrón Upcycled Patrón Bottle is now complete!!!

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this publication. However, the ideas and opinions expressed remain my own.

Julie Briggs

Thursday 5th of May 2016

This is SO clever! Pinning! Will make a great addition to my Halloween party decor.


Saturday 22nd of August 2015

Inspired by your project, I've just created something similar using a Hendrick's Gin bottle. As it's already black, I was able to skip the whole bottle-painting part, but I definitely need Patron in my life for a non-matching pair! ;-) Thanks for sharing this fabulous tutorial!


Saturday 22nd of August 2015

Love that you used an already black colored bottle! I'd love to see the final result of your bottle! And you are welcome for the tutorial :)