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DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags

Pokemon Go is officially out and you know what that means….Nerds everywhere are walking, catching Pokemon, and becoming the best they can be! With the hype of the newly released app, you know there will be a hype in throwing Pokemon themed parties. Whether it’s for an adult or child, these Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags are the perfect addition to your Pokemon Master Party!

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags

What You Will Need to Make Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags:

How to Make A Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bag:

To start, open Word on your computer. I highly recommend setting up the names in a word document then import the PNG files (the Pokemon images) and place above the names like shown below. You can download a free Pokemon Font Here (download at your own risk)pokemon word document

I also have images ready for you to go. Simply click on the links below for the Pokemon you want and download them to your computer.

Next, you will follow the instructions on the back of transfer paper! (I suggest cutting as close to the edge of design as possible). In order to flip the design in word you need to click on the image and then the “picture format” tab will pop up at the top. 

Click on the gray and white triangle and then click “flip horizontal” like shown below.

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags step2

Feed the transfer paper into your printer and print out the design you want placed onto the front of your bags. DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags step1

Next, cut as close as you can around the design and place the design face down on the canvas bag.

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags step3

Allow the bags to dry for 2 minutes before filling them.

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags step4

Once cooled, fill your bags with a bunch of mini Pokemon Figures and even Pokemon Trading cards. They will make such great party favors!

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags Featured

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags3

DIY Custom Pokemon Party Favor Bags Square


Monday 11th of March 2024

Thank you so much for sharing!

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John T.

Thursday 2nd of March 2017

These are absolutely fantastic! I can see how they would be good for not only kids but also older Pokemon fans (I would want one and I'm in my 20s lol). Thanks for sharing :)