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DIY Elegant Balloon Decoration

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Gold, Silver, and Black just scream elegance and beauty. I know that those combination of colors make me want to get all dolled up and fancy which was my inspiration today. With it officially 2016, we have an entire new year of birthdays, graduations, and reasons to celebrate so I wanted to share with you a DIY Elegant Balloon decoration idea that you can use to add that extra pizazz to your next party.


DIY Elegant Balloon Decoration

A great party starts with great decorations. Something that is both inexpensive and beautiful are balloons so in my opinion, every good party must have them!

Today’s inspiration came from the start of the new year. While this decorative idea works great for New Year’s parties, it also works for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and even just a fun and classy party.

Here is what you will need to make an elegant balloon decoration:

How to make an elegant balloon decoration:

Get started by following the instructions on the balloon time helium tank to blow up your balloons. For this project, I blew up 3 silver and balloons and 3 gold balloons. It certainly helps to have an extra set of hands to help hold the balloons as you blow them up. I am super short so if I had to do it alone, I would have lost all the balloons on our vaulted ceilings and would have never seen them again!

elegant balloon decoration step1

Once all of your balloons are blown up, take the excess string of the garland and tie it around each end of the balloon. Continue doing this until you have all of the balloons attached. I ended up running out of string so I just taped the remaining balloons to the tie balloons and it worked just as well.
elegant balloon decoration step2 elegant balloon decoration step3

Once you have your balloons attached to the garland, it’s time to hang the garland around. If you use the same hanging garland I did the garland will be too heavy to float. You can either tape it to the wall (like I did) or add continue to add more balloons until it floats freely. Using a different (lighter) garland may also float.

In the end, you will be left with a beautiful and elegant balloon decoration that truly only costs a few dollars to make. You can make dozens of these in no time!

elegant balloon decoration featured

Want to complete the look? I highly recommend checking out Oriental Trading! They offer the best selection and prices! Here are a few things you can snag to complete the look of your elegant party:

Also don’t forget that when you are planning to decorate with balloons, the best way to go is with a Balloon Time Helium Tank. You can fill up your own balloons right at home and avoid overpriced helium balloons from party stores. Not to mention, they are not easy to transport!

Disclosure: I received free products from Balloon Time and Oriental Trading to facilitate this post. The opinions stated in this publication remain my own.

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