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DIY Garden Enclosure Using a Trampoline Frame!

DIY Garden EnclosureIf you have a dog or young kids like me you are probably worried about keeping your garden enclosed to keep little hands and paws away from your plants. With this being my first year doing my own Garden, I wanted a way to do just that and stay within my budget. That is when my husband had a brilliant idea to use a Trampoline Frame as a Garden Enclosure. It’s genius and Earth friendly! Here is a DIY Garden Enclosure Using a Trampoline Frame Tutorial!

What you’ll need:

  • A Trampoline frame (perfect if your trampoline mat is torn or broken)
  • Chicken Wire Fencing
  • Zip Ties


  1. Find the area of your trampoline frame that can be removed. For me it was the top part above where the wheels are located.
  2. Remove the bar associated with this area so you do not have to worry about bending under or climbing over to access your garden.
  3. Place chicken wire on the outside of the frame and make sure it wraps entirely around with some extra slack (this will be used for the door).
  4. Use zip ties to secure the chicken wire fencing to each bar around the trampoline frame. This will ensure it does not move in windy conditions.
  5. Leave the slack of the chicken wire untied and bend the open end of the chicken wire fencing in (creating a hook like part). These “hooks” will fit within the holes of the fencing essentially making a door which can be opened and closed to enter your garden.

I love this idea because it’s the perfect amount of space for smaller gardens. It’s budget friendly and it’s reusing something you  might have otherwise thrown out. Did I mention it’s so easy to assemble? Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Pinit

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Larry Dunn

Thursday 30th of November 2017

The post and the idea are so great. I will follow the instruction and have a wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing!