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DIY Homemade Shower Cleaner Using Just 2 Ingredients!

If you are wanting an easy and effective way to clean your shower then try this Homemade Shower Cleaner! It only requires 2 Ingredients!


pin it buttonLet’s Face it, Cleaning our showers can be a real chore! It’s so hard to get into every groove and clean all that shampoo and dirt out! Having a good cleaner is a must. Having one that is easy to make from a few simple ingredients you probably already have at home is even better!

What you’ll need:

  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Dawn Dish Soap


  1. Place the distilled white vinegar (a few ounces is fine) in a spray bottle and place it in the microwave til it’s warm.
  2. Add equal parts of Dawn Dish Soap (equal to the amount of vinegar) into the spray bottle and shake the bottle until they are mixed well.
  3. Spray in your shower and leave on for about 5 minutes (do not let it dry) and rise off! If you really want an added degreaser and nice smell add a bit of lemon juice to the mix!

It’s that easy, no harsh chemicals! You will have a clean shower and it will smell great! Note: If the vinegar smell is overwhelming you can always dilute it a little with water. Just be sure to not use too much water because it won’t be as effective.

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