DIY Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag

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I talk all the time about how creepers are always creeping in my house. No not my real house, but the house I’ve built in Minecraft with my son. We love Minecraft so much we’ve come up with some fun ideas and this time I want to share with you this DIY Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag which is our newest creepation (see what I did there?).

DIY Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag

I love easy crafts and since I always seem to be making one, I love ones that also are inexpensive to make. While this Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag is totally cute, it is also totally inexpensive. In fact, you can find all the stuff at your local dollar store! So you can make many of these for just a few dollars!

Supplies Needed to Make a Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag:

minecraft creeper treat bag supplies

How to Make a Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag:

  1. Print out the Minecraft Creeper Silhouette. I went ahead and created the exact size you will need for these mini bags. You can download and print the creeper face HERE. minecraft creeper treat bag inprocess1
  2. Cut out the creeper face. minecraft creeper treat bag inprocess2
  3. Trace the creeper face onto your black felt. Since the felt is black, I suggest using a highlighter to trace.
  4. Cut the creeper face out so you have the creeper face in felt. minecraft creeper treat bag inprocess3
  5. Hot glue the creeper face felt piece onto your green tote bag.
  6. Repeat the above steps until you have the amount of treat bags you need.
  7. Fill these with candy, toys, and lots of other Minecraft themed goodies!

While these are fun as treat bags for a party, you can even make them and hang them around your child’s room to use as storage!

Minecraft Creeper Treat Bag Featured

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