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DIY Minion Glow Stick Necklace

Minions releases this week and in celebration, we are creating tons of fun minion stuff in our house! One thing my son loves is glow sticks so we decided to make a Minion Glow Stick Necklace!

Minion Glow Stick Necklace

Here in Utah we have a drive-in where you can go and watch movies in your car. I am not sure if all areas have this or not, but if you do these would be perfect for your children to wear during the movie!

Even if you are planning to throw an epic Minion party, these would be a fun activity for the kids to make and they then turn into a party favor! The best part is, all the supplies you need can be found at your local dollar store!

Supplies Needed to Make Minion Glow Stick Necklaces:

  • Yellow Glow Sticks (the ones that come with the necklace string)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Strips of Black Adhesive Vinyl (or electrical tape)
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Blue Felt Fabric
  • Silver Glitter Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun (and glue sticks)

minion glow stick supplies

How to Make a Minion Glow Stick Necklace:

  1. Open your glow stick package and put the strings on each glow stick.minion glow stick necklace step 1
  2. Take your piece of vinyl or electrical tape and wrap it around the glow stick.minion glow stick necklace step 2
  3. Cut a piece of the blue felt just large enough to wrap around the glow stick. You want it to cover about 1/4 of the glow stick. This is the minion’s pants.minion glow stick necklace step 3
  4. Hot glue the felt around the glue stick.minion glow stick necklace step 4
  5. If you want to make “hair” now is the time to do it. I cut 2 small pieces of a black pipe cleaner and twisted them together then hot glued it to the back of the glow stick.minion glow stick necklace step 5
  6. Hot glue a googly eye onto the middle of where you placed the vinyl.
  7. Trace the outside of the googly eye with the silver glitter glue.minion glow stick necklace step 6
  8. The last thing you need to do is draw on a smile with a black sharpie marker. You can make a side smile or full smile. Make each minion different!minion glow stick necklace step 7
  9. When ready, crack the glue stick and it will look something like this:minion glow stick necklace step 8

These were so fun to make! I hope you enjoy them!

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