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DIY Monster Party Invitations

I recently shared with you all my son’s 1st birthday party theme: Monsters! With that, I shared how to make Monster Confetti. Today I want to share with you how you can make your own Monster Party Invitations inexpensively at home! Plus they are totally MONSTERIFIC!

DIY Monster Party Invitations

There is just something about making your own party decorations. It really gives that extra special touch especially when it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday. I guess it’s just that sense of accomplishment knowing you made it yourself. That is exactly why I loved making these and if you like making party decor yourself, I am sure you will feel that way too!

Supplies Needed to Make Monster Party Invitations:

monster party invitations supplies

How to Make Monster Party Invitations:

  1. Once you have purchased the Monster Digital Creator Kit file, you will want to download it to your computer and open up a monster in your silhouette studio software.
  2. Resize your monster so it fits perfectly onto half of the page. Then upload a second monster so you have 2 monsters filling the party invitations inprocess1
  3. Trace the outside of the monsters and remove the images so you have the red outline trace.
  4. Resize the monsters to the dimensions shown below.  This ensures the invitation will fit into a 5 x 7 sized party invitations inprocess2
  5. Adjust your cut settings to “Cardstock” and cut out your monsters. I ended up using 3 different monsters on a variety of colored cardstock. If you wish, you can make them all the same monster or even all the same color.
  6. Now it’s time to determine the size of the invitation that will fit perfectly onto your monsters. I made this part easy for you. IF you used the same size of Monster I showed above, then you will need to create invitations that are about 4.2″ x 3.0″. This will ensure they fit inside the Monster cut party invitations inprocess3
  7. Now that you know what size you need, open up Microsoft word and create your invitations to that dimension. I did this by drawing a box that size then drew a text box inside and did all the party information inside that. I then copied and pasted multiples until the entire page was filled (about 4 fit on a page). Then print and cut the invitations out.
  8. If you plan on having mouths on your monsters, you can create them with your silhouette as well. I found a monster mouth image on Google and then traced and cut it onto my black cardstock. I even found some cool monster teeth to trace and cut.
  9. Now it’s just about assembling the invitations. First start by gluing the invitation onto one side of the party invitations inprocess4
  10. On the other side, glue your googly eyes and mouth as desired. This is where you can have fun and make each monster party invitations inprocess5monster party invitations inprocess6
  11. Place into an envelope and give your party guests!

While I made these for a birthday party, you can certainly change up the colors a bit and make them for a Halloween party!

DIY Monster Party Invitations Featured

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