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DIY Personalized Wall Art

Before my son was born I decided I wanted to change our home decor colors. I didn’t want to spend a ton on new decorative items so I made my own! These DIY Personalized Wall Art projects are easy and inexpensive to do!


When you are decorating it doesn’t have to be extreme. You can decorate on a budget and DIY to save lots of money. Today I am sharing with you a little project I worked on over the weekend. It’s DIY Personalized Wall Art!

When I was pregnant with my son Tarek, I wanted to get a head start on putting together his nursery just in case he decided to come early (which he did). I was able to do this wall art all for under $15 and it was super easy. So if you are thinking of decorating your walls a bit then check out the tutorial below.

DIY Personalized Wall Art

What You’ll Need:

  • Frames (I chose a variety of sizes and found most at the thrift store)
  • Craft Paint (In case you want to paint the frames or the wooden letter like I did. It was actually white and I painted it blue)
  • Fabric (Hobby Lobby usually has fabric on sale)
  • Microsoft Word (to create the printables to go in the frames)
  • A Printer
  • Some creativity

For all of these supplies check your local thrift store. The paint, fabric, and wooden letters can be purchased very inexpensively at Hobby Lobby and don’t forget to download their 40% off weekly coupon to help you save more. Everything can be purchased for under $15.


  1. Start by deciding what sort of colors you want to go with. I went with white and turquoise since that is the colors of my son’s crib bedding. I then added the orange frame as a bit of an accent color.
  2. Create your personalized wall art sayings. I made mine in Microsoft Word then saved them in a PDF Format so they would print nicely. I created one’s that said my son’s name, “Future Gamer”, and one that said “To be or not to be like my big brother? That is the question…” These were personalized to be so get creative and personalize yours to you and your family. You can actually use the resize feature in Word to create different sizes just go to File —-> Print —> then under portrait orientation select your size and you can design and print in that size. (see screenshot below) word screenshot
  3. Print out your personalized wall sayings. If you resized the images and print on the 8 x 11.5 paper size then you will need to cut them out. An easy way to do this is by using the glass of your frame as your guide so you know it will fit exactly inside the frame.
  4. If you are using fabric inside a frame make sure to leave a few ends so the fabric can be pulled tightly in the frame. Once placed, you should have some excess fabric on the back side of the frame. Don’t worry this won’t be seen once you hang your frame.
  5. Measure and hang your personalized wall art. Again this is a fun and creative part. Using different sized frames gives you a unique look and gets your creativity going!



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