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DIY Riddler Party Invitations!

Everyone enjoy’s a good Riddle don’t they? That is why today I want to share with you these awesome DIY Riddler Party Invitations I created!DIY Riddler Party Invitations

A few years ago, I put together a Batman Birthday party for my husband. It took several months to put it all together because I wanted it to be an adult themed party so I ended up making a lot of the party decorations myself, including these Riddler Party Invitations. They were certainly fun to make and they were my own creation! 🙂

In all, these invitations only cost be about $10 and a few hours of my time for about 10 invitations. They certainly are still one of my favorite creations!

Supplies Needed to Make Riddler Party Invitations:

  • Green Chinese Take-Out Boxes- I found these at my local party store for about $0.40 each. You need 1 for each invite you plan to give.
  • Thin Black Sharpie Marker (use for the outline)
  • Thick Black Sharpie Marker (use to fill in the ?)
  • Black Cardstock (or a piece of cardboad)
  • A Riddler Question Mark Silhouette. (I just Googled the Riddler’s question mark. There are many variations so you can choose which one you like best) I used a large one for the top and 2 sides, then the sides that have the wire handle going through them, I scaled the image down smaller to trace smaller question marks around it.
  • Riddler Invitation template. (I created this myself in Microsoft Publisher)

How to Make Riddler Party Invitations:

  1. Once you have the Riddler’s symbol picked out, print it on white paper and cut it out. I found it really hard to trace a flimsy piece of white paper so I traced the image on a black piece of cardstock so it was easier to trace onto the box. You can also use a piece of cardboard. Repeat this process for the small question marks if you choose to use them.
  2. Take your thin black sharpie marker and trace the question marks on the sides you wish. I put one large one on the flat sides and top and used the smaller question marks for the sides where the wire handles are.
  3. Take your thick black sharpie marker and color in the question marks. This makes them really stand out against the green.
  4. Once the box is completed, allow them to dry. Since the box is typically smooth, you don’t want to smear the sharpie so be careful.
  5. Create your invitation. You can create a business card size and it should fit nicely inside the box once it’s closed. To ensure these really look awesome, you can laminate them like I did. I laminated them at my local FedEx Kinkos.
  6. Place your invitation card inside and give to the recipient.

For reference, here is what the final card looks like:

riddler invitation frontback

Aren’t these just so cool looking? Sure hope you will make them yourself!


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Monday 13th of July 2015

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