The $1.25 Dollar Tree Find So Good I Buy 5 at a Time

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It helps make cleaning up my air fryer a breeze.

front of dollar tree store

In the dead heat of the summer, we try to avoid using our oven to cook. But I swear it seems like my kids need a billion snacks during summer and some are frozen and need to be cooked…

That is why I truly love my air fryer – I can cook all sorts of things without heating up my house.

Chicken nuggets? Can do! Pizza rolls? Done in a jiffy! Mini pizzas? Check! Air Fryer Dog Treats? Yep – even the puppies get snacks!

But as you know, cooking comes with cleaning and I am all about quick clean-up. Besides, who wants to spend all that time washing and drying their air fryer basket all the time? I know I don’t!

That’s why I love using disposable air fryer liners that make clean up a breeze and I cannot believe I actually found them on my last Dollar Tree trip!

hand holding air fryer liners found at dollar tree

For context, I usually purchase a 100 count air fryer liners on Amazon for around $10 making each one $0.10.

And guess what? The 15 count at Dollar Tree is just $1.25 making each liner just $0.08 so it’s even better. SCORE!

air fryer liners at dollar tree

Now, this is the first time I’ve ever seen these air fryer liners at my local store and I was really excited so I stocked up and grabbed 5. I spent $6.25 for 75 liners that will last me a while and that makes me quite happy.

So, run to your local Dollar Tree store and see if you can snag these disposable air fryer liners. If your store carries them, you’ll find them down the isle with the ziploc baggies and reusable food containers.

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