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The Best Dollar Tree Beauty Products You Need to Try

Dollar Tree is known for offering a wide range of affordable products, and their beauty section is no exception. You might be surprised to find some hidden gems among the makeup, skincare, and hair care products available at the store.

We’ve taken the time to gather some of the Best Dollar Tree Beauty Products and explain why they’re worth trying. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just love a good bargain, you’ll find something to add to your beauty routine on this list. Let’s dive in!

The Best Dollar Tree Beauty Products You Need to Try

I’ve gathered a list of some of my favorite beauty products from Dollar Tree.

In my opinion, these are worth trying or even worth stocking up on if you are looking to save some money on beauty products (because let’s be honest, they can be so expensive!).

Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

I am so excited I once again found the Udderly smooth hand cream at my local Dollar Tree because it’s been a while since I’ve found some.

This stuff is the best especially if you suffer from dry, cracked hands. I always keep some in my purse or car. And at a $1.25 you cannot go wrong!

Name Brand Nail Products

Now, this is one you have to really search for and keep an eye out for but, Dollar Tree has some great nail care items.

Any time you can find name-brand items such as Kiss Nail Polish or Maybelline Nail Polish, you should grab some.

I actually found some gel nail polish that is quick dry and doesn’t require a UV lamp.

I also found some Kiss ready-to-wear Nails in several different designs/colors. SCORE!

Name Brand Mascara

Mascara can be so expensive and I’ll admit, not all mascaras are created equal.

With that being said, I’ve found name brand Mascara at Dollar Tree before like this Wet n Wild Enhance & Define Mascara. This stuff sells for almost $8 at Walmart!

Elf Products

I think it’s safe to say now, we all know that Elf products are good quality especially for the price.

So, anytime you see Elf products at Dollar Tree (and I tend to find them a lot) they are worth the price!

Kendall + Kylie Cosmetics

Okay, I am not a fan of The Kardashians BUT I know so many are and guess what? I’ve found Kendall + Kylie Cosmetics at my stores.

These are makeup bags and they come in several different designs. Some of these are selling for $15 online!

Makeup Brushes

Another item in the beauty care world that can be so expensive is makeup brushes.

Again, I’ve found some name brand brushes that are great quality at Dollar Tree. For example, these Wet n Wild brushes are great.

Le Mercerie Settings Spray

Okay, so this is supposed to be a dupe to the Laura Mercier Translucent Pure Setting Spray and it’s become so popular, people are selling it online for $12-$15!

B Color Bronzer

Okay, so here is another dupe that people on the internet swear by.

People are saying this B Color Dessert Bronzer is a cheaper dupe to the Physicians Formula Bronzer.

Now, I love Physicians Formula bronzer and I already have a bunch I stocked up on during a sale so I haven’t tried this yet but I totally will soon!

Eyebrow Razors

Okay, these are simply so good for being $1.25 for 3. If you need a way to shave your eyebrows and keep them in check, these work great. I use them all the time.

False Eyelashes

Okay, so false eyelashes can be so expensive and most people tend to stick with one brand.

However, if you are looking to cut costs, people online are saying these lashes at Dollar Tree are great.

I am also hearing a lot of good things about the Ioni brand of lashes and glue (they are vegan which is awesome).

Cirrus Wave Styler

Okay, I found this box at my Dollar Tree and I had no clue what it was but apparently, it’s a heatless wave styler.

You can read all about it on Amazon here but it seems to be worth the cost at $1.25.

PS Clean Beauty Hair Products

Okay, I kept seeing this brand of hair products popping up on my TikTok so I finally caved and tried some.

OMG these are amazing. Not only are these clean shampoos, but if you use the Yuka app, they scan good because they have clean ingredients in them.

Also side note – my hair has been so soft since using this shampoo and conditioner. I am loving it so far.

Pro Silk Salon

Okay, so several items in this brand not only scan amazing in Yuka, but people swear by these items.

I am trying this sea salt spray and I am excited to see how it works!

Keep in mind not all stores will contain these items but I have found many of these items at several stores near me. You can also shop these items online in bulk.

If you’re looking for ways to save or even cut down on your beauty expenses, Dollar Tree is a great place to do that as long as you take the time to seek out what you’re looking for.

What are your favorite Dollar Tree beauty items?

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Tuesday 12th of December 2023

I’ve never really shopped Dollar Tree. Maybe 3 times I ran in with a friend. These tips have definitely changed my mind! I’m going tomorrow. I’ll let you know how my experience is!