Dollar Tree Peeps Products

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You either love Peeps or hate them, there’s no in between.

With that being said, if you love Peeps, even if it’s the colors or scent, you need to know about this list of Dollar Tree Peeps Products.

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Apparently, this is the year where you can find Peeps nearly everywhere including Dollar Tree.

From Peeps smelling Easter grass to Peeps candy and everything in between, Dollar Tree has all the Peeps must-haves! So, get ready to hop into Easter with Dollar Tree!

small collage of dollar tree peeps products

Dollar Tree Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find these Peeps items at my local Dollar Tree?
Luckily, if you cannot find many of these Peeps items at your local Dollar Tree store, Dollar Tree sells many of these Peeps items online here.

Can I shop online at Dollar Tree?
Yes, Dollar Tree offers online shopping on their website. Some products are only available in-store, however.

Does Dollar Tree offer bulk purchasing?
Yes, Dollar Tree offers bulk purchasing on select products. You can find more information on their website.

Does Dollar Tree accept coupons?
Yes, Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons.

Dollar Tree Peeps Products

I found several Peeps products at my local Dollar Tree and being that so many people love Peeps, I thought it was worth sharing.

Peeps Bubbles

Dollar Tree has adorable containers of Peeps bubbles. They come in blue, pink and yellow.

They are non-toxic and don’t contain any dyes.

Peeps Cotton Candy

If you are a fan of Peeps and cotton candy, this is for you.

Dollar Tree has officially licensed Peeps Cotton Candy that is Peeps Marshmallow flavor.

Peeps Scented Easter Grass

Yes, this brightly colored Easter grass is scented just like Peeps Marshmallows.

You can smell it directly through the bag and it smells so good!

It comes in green, pink, blue and yellow.

Peeps Playdough

This would be a cute addition to your kids Easter baskets… Peeps Playdough.

These little sets come with a 1 oz container of playdough and a Peeps Bunny mold.

It comes in several color combinations of the dough and mold.

Peeps Treat Bags

These Peeps treat bags would be super cute for making little treat bags for your child’s classroom or even if perfect if you’re a teacher.

You can also use these to store homemade goodies or treats to pass out to neighbors, family and friends for Easter.

They also had this Peeps Cello Bag kit that would make a cute bag for your kids’ Easter basket.

Peeps Bubble Bath Dust

Now you can bathe in Peeps!

Dollar Tree has different colors of Peeps Bubble Bath Dust. It’s basically bath salts but is more of a powder that makes your bath smell like Peeps Marshmallows.

Peeps Activity Sheets

Dollar Tree has a few different Peeps activity sheets/kits.

One is a magic art scratcher where you “find the flower chick”.

The other is a Peeps post that your kids can color with an included marker set.

Peeps Candy

Dollar Tree had several Peeps candy including the original Peeps (in both smaller packs and larger packs), Peeps Gummies, Peeps lollipop rings and Peeps Pop Ups Lollipops (several different colors/designs).

So, do you like Peeps? If not, here’s 35 Things You Can Do With Peeps Besides Eat Them.

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