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Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Products

Spring cleaning is in full swing and if you’re looking for a way to Spring clean and organize your home on a budget, I’ve got you.

I’ve gathered my favorite Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Products that will save you time, money and get your home looking and smelling great!

collage of dollar tree spring cleaning products

When is comes to cleaning and organizing your house you want it to actually be clean, smell great and be organized without paying hundreds of dollars to do it.

Lucky for you, if you live near a Dollar Tree, you can grab Spring cleaning supplies at just $1.25 – some that are way more at retail value. Others, that make the perfect dupe to more expensive cleaning supplies.

collage of dollar tree spring cleaning supplies

So, check out this list and then head to your local Dollar Tree to snag them!

My Favorite Dollar Tree Spring Cleaning Products

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste

This Dollar Tree multi-purpose cleaning paste is supposed to be a dupe for The Pink Stuff (which retails for around $15).

The consistency is a bit different. Instead of it being hard, it’s more of a softer, playdough texture. While people say it doesn’t clean as well, it does clean and is perfect if you’re on a budget.

This can be used for cleaning grills, stovetops, ovens, pots and pans, glass, tile showers, toilets and so much more.

It’s basically an all-in-one power paste.

Windex Disinfectant Spray

I was so excited when I found this Windex Disinfectant Spray refill bottle at my local Dollar Tree.

This is a name brand cleaner that retails for around $3-$4 a bottle. All you need is a sprayer top to use it.

Spic and Span Disinfectant Spray

Now, if you are unable to find the Windex brand, the Spic and Span disinfectant spray is a great option too!

I’ve used this brand for years and during the height of 2020 when everyone needed disinfectant spray, this is what I used.

Dollar Tree sells 3 different scents including Lemon, Lavender and Citrus.

They also have matching floor cleaner for this brand as well (there are some additional scents).

Lysol Disinfectant

Normally, I steer clear of these trial-size bottles because you can save more money in the long run buying in bulk.

However, this Lysol Disinfectant is actually highly concentrated and makes 5 gallons because you dilute it with water (just follow the instructions on the back).

Disinfectant Wipes

Normally, I would say that it’s cheaper to buy Clorox Disinfectant Wipes in bulk.

However, these to-go packs are a great deal and are perfect for on-the-go.

I put these in my car, my purse, my diaper bag, literally anything where I may be in a situation and need to disinfect a surface away from home.

Also, these Tough Plus wipes are not disinfectant but come in a bottle of 160 wipes and are great for tough stains and greasy jobs.

Dawn Dish Soap

Okay, normally I would say don’t buy these because you can get a bigger bottle for cheaper at big-box stores.

However, if you are needing a small amount, heading on vacation (these are great for camping), or just need a little to get you by until payday, these smaller bottles are a good value.

I found two different scents at my Dollar Tree including original and orange.

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

I’ll be the first to admit, I go through a ton of paper towels.

So, when I can find reusable cleaning cloths I like, I stock up.

These multi-purpose cleaning cloths are reusable, washable and can be used wet or dry. They are not microfiber cloths but are still super soft and come in a pack of 2.


Gloves are great for keeping your hands clean when cleaning.

Dollar Tree has a great variety of gloves in different colors, materials and some are reusable while others you can throw away.

Empty Spray Bottles

If you like to DIY your own homemade cleaners or perhaps you need new bottles, Dollar Tree has some great empty spray bottles.

These are great because they even have the amount of liquid measurements on the side making it easy to mix solutions as needed.

Scrubbing Brushes

Okay, this is probably my favorite cleaning item at Dollar Tree and I’ve been using it for years…

These blue and white scrubbing brushes are a lifesaver especially when it comes to cleaning tough soap scum and mineral deposits from hard water.

I love using these in my shower. Sometimes they have different sizes and some with and without handles.

Toilet Cleaners

Dollar Tree sells Lysol and Comet name brand cleaners.

Lysol is for your toilet bowl and I’ve used the Comet one too for my toilets.

I prefer the Comet Lemon Fresh scent with Bleach because it is scratch free.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

If you have kids, you know this is the holy grail of cleaners – the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Dollar Tree does sell this in a 1-count box or you can get their brand version in a 2-pack.

If I am out of these and need one asap, I get it here at Dollar Tree. Otherwise, I stock up on them with this big bundle from Amazon here.

Window Cleaner

While this is no Windex, people are quite obsessed with this window cleaner.

It’s a foamy cleaner and people even use it to clean their cloth seats in their house and car because it helps remove stains.

Dusting Supplies

Okay, basically anything on this display is fair game.

Dollar Tree has some incredible products for dusting and mopping including sponge mops, reusable microfiber mops, furniture dusters and even fan dusters.

Just make sure you grab the black handle for these, it’s interchangeable but it’s not included with the top pieces and is sold separately.

OdoBan Spray

If you have tough smells in your house, this OdoBan spray is a lifesaver.

Plus, this is a small size that is perfect for traveling and you can even keep a bottle in your car.

It eliminates odors and is a fabric and air refresher.

Arm & Hammer Fresh & Natural Household Odor Eliminator

I love these fresh packs that are spill proof. I always put one in my fridge.

Plus, if you end up needing some baking soda for cleaning, you can tear open the box and use what is inside.

Lint Rollers

If you have pets, you know these are literally always great to have on hand. Enough said.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Okay, I know this one is for your car but it was too good not to share. Spring clean your car too, okay?

Dollar Tree is selling this huge gallon of windshield wiper cleaner.

I actually saw people grabbing 5-6 gallons at a time because it’s such a good deal!

Other items you can find at Dollar Tree to use for cleaning:

  • White Vinegar
  • Shower Cleaner
  • Lemon Juice (you can mix this with the vinegar)
  • Dishwashing Liquid (there are some name brand trial sizes)

And remember, if any of these are your favorites and you just need to stock up, you can shop Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies online here.

What is your favorite dollar store cleaning supplies for Spring?

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