Dollar Tree Summer Must-Haves [2023]

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Summer is nearly here and if you’re looking for a fun-filled Summer full of color, but you don’t want to break the bank, say no more. Dollar Tree has got us covered!

I’ve gathered my favorite Dollar Tree Summer Must-Haves for 2023 and let me just say, they are so good, you won’t want to wait another second to grab them!

Dollar Tree has quickly become an obsession of mine especially with the high costs of nearly everything.

I mean, where else can you buy something really cool or useful for $1.25? Not anywhere that I know of.

With that being said, kids everywhere are about to be home for the summer and if you’re looking for some ideas to keep them having fun in the sun but are working with a tight budget, this is for you.

I won’t lie, Dollar Tree Summer items this year are on FIRE so, although everything is $1.25, it will be really hard not to splurge and just buy the entire summer isle. Yes, it’s that good!

Pro Tip: If you can’t find any of these items in-store. You can shop Dollar Tree Summer Items Here Online.

Dollar Tree Summer Must-Haves

Summer Cups

If you’re an avid cup collector, let me just say, Dollar Tree has the cutest and most unique summer cups this year!

I found so many cups I just had to have. My personal favorite were the color-changing tumblers and the fruit shaped cups you can wear around your neck. OMG so cute!

Summer Floaties (Pool Inflatable Toys)

I’m a huge fan of summer pool floats and Dollar Tree has a ton to choose from this year.

They have basic solid colors to fun designs like a cookie float.

I also really loved these unicorn drink holder floats that you can inflate and throw inside a pool for floatable drink holders.

Beach/Luau Party Decor

If you are planning a fun beach or luau themed birthday party or backyard bbq, Dollar Tree has the cutest decor items.

I found a ton of lei’s in all sorts of styles and colors. They even had hula skirts, coconut bras and all the cutesy decor you could want.

I am also really loving these adorable shaped serving trays. Like how cute is that flip flop food tray?!

And this iridescent pineapple tray. OMG yes!!

Outdoor Play Toys

If you have kids, you know that keeping them entertained all summer can be a challenge.

With that being said, Dollar Tree has some great outdoor play toys that are worth grabbing.

My kids love the bug catcher kits so we always grab those when we see them.

This year, Dollar Tree also has a ton of fun pool toys, water toys, bubble toys (look at those giant bubble wands) and even reusable water balls (so much better than using water balloons and better for the environment too).

4th of July Decor

If you are planning on throwing a Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day bash this year, Dollar Tree has a ton of great patriotic decor/party supplies.

I found some really cute American Flag serving trays, cups, napkins and all sorts of yard decor.

Flip Flops

Okay, before you come at me for talking about dollar store flip flops, hear me out…

These are not the normal plastic, cheapy flip flops. These are actually Juncture brand and apparently sell for a lot more online.

I found so many colors/styles and they came in sizes for Men, Women and kids.

Beach/Sealife Decor

I fell in love with this entire life of beachy/sea life decor. I love all the blues and whites.

I found everything from seashell dinnerware to glass candle vases to seashell wires you can make homemade wreaths out of. They had a ton of amazing things.

So, as you can see, Dollar Tree has some amazing Summer items in-stores right now. Looks like it’s time for you to make a mad dash there!

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