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Dollar Tree’s Newest $1.25 Finds Are So Good, Missing Out Will Give You Serious FOMO

We all know that Dollar Tree is a treasure trove but sometimes they drop items so good, you will do anything to get your hands on them.

This week, I’ve found some new items that will cost you just $1.25 each and are so good, you have to run and get them before they are gone! Even if that means going without makeup or a bra on – ha!

front of a dollar tree store

New Dollar Tree Items You Need to Grab or You’ll Have Serious FOMO Over

When I visited my local Dollar Tree locations this week I was quite shocked at some of the items I found and even though I am sure these will sell out quick, they are totally worth sharing.

For starters, if you are a Mr. Beast fan, you’ll want to make a mad dash to your local Dollar Tree.

Right now, Dollar Tree is selling Mr. Beast Feastables Snack Bars (Protein Bars) in 3 different flavors including: Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip.

mr beast feastables at dollar tree

Each of these come with 5 bars and are made with 6G-7G of protein and are under 200 calories.

Now, some locations are opening these boxes and selling the individually for $1.25 but that shouldn’t be correct. The entire box should scan at $1.25.

This is an insane deal considering these sell for $7.99-$12.99 elsewhere.

The next item are these Yu-Gi-Oh! Micro Figures. I found 4 different characters and these are awesome because online, these are selling for $7-$20!

I also found these super cute Market Finds Microfiber Sponges.

They come in a 2-pack for $1.25 and come in a cute floral pattern.

cute microfiber sponges at dollar tree

If you enjoy taking selfies but need more light, this Phone Selfie Light from Dollar Tree is a must.

These come in 3 colors including yellow, pink, blue and purple and easily attach to your phone.

selfie light at dollar tree

Cleaner toilets have never been so cute!

Forget the expensive Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Clings and grab this at Dollar Tree.

These are $1.25 and when you stamp them onto your toilet, it makes a cute little flower! Such a great find!

Calling all of my Stanely cup girlies – Dollar Tree is now selling silicone straw caps in these adorable designs.

Keep bugs out of your drinks this summer! These come in a 6 pack and are just $1.25!

silicone straw toppers at dollar tree

If you wear Crocs, you probably like Croc charms and guess what? Dollar Tree has some!

Dollar Tree is selling Crocs Charms in several different styles/designs for just $1.25.

Each pack comes with 4 pieces so you can decorate your shoes in style!

shoe charms at dollar tree

Last but not least is these Mini LED Humidifiers.

These come in two colors: pink or blue and are rechargable and change colors.

These would be perfect to stick by any plants you have at home that love a little extra moisture!

mini humidifiers at dollar tree

What new Dollar Tree item was your favorite on this list?

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