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Easy Paint Chip Minion Bookmark

It’s no secret that I love crafts that are simple and inexpensive to make. That is why I just adore this Paint Chip Minion Bookmark! The majority of the items were free and it’s so easy to make! Plus aren’t they just totally cute?

Paint Chip Minion Bookmark

These bookmarks are a great way to encourage summer reading. But if you know a Teacher or are one, you can have your students make these at the beginning of the year and have them use them all year long as they read and learn!

So let your kids, students, or even yourself get creative and make these adorable Minion bookmarks! I show you how to below!

Supplies Needed to Make Paint Chips Minion Bookmarks:

minion bookmark supplies

How to Make A Paint Chip Minion Bookmark:

  1. Cut a blue paint chip in half vertically.minion bookmark inprocess1
  2. Cut a yellow paint chip in half vertically.minion bookmark inprocess2
  3. Cut the top of the yellow paint chip so that it is rounded. I first cut off the two corners and then just rounded it out a bit.minion bookmark inprocess3
  4. Glue the blue paint chip onto the yellow paint chip so about 1/3 of the blue paint chip shows.minion bookmark inprocess4
  5. Grab the black paint chip and cut off a small strip large enough to fit on top of the yellow paint chip side to side. Glue this down.minion bookmark inprocess5
  6. Cut a small round piece out from the gray paint chip. You want it just a little larger than the googly eye you plan to use.minion bookmark inprocess6
  7. Glue a googly eye on top of the gray rounded part.minion bookmark inprocess7
  8. Now add the final details with your sharpie marker. Add a smile for a mouth and if you want, a few lines at the top for hair.
  9. Your Minion Bookmark will now be complete!

minion bookmark featured

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