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Easy Ways To Care For Your Mac Computer

Macs are a popular and sleek computer that will run well for years as long as you take good care of the. Just like other computers, your mac isn’t immune to slowdowns, viruses, and other problems. It’s down to you to keep your mac healthy, happy, and safe. 

Have a look at the tips below for how you can do just that: 

Clean Your Computer

This doesn’t mean getting the duster out, although this should go without saying. It means clearing away anything that is unused and potentially slowing down your system. It may seem like common sense to do this but not everyone thinks about and later question why their computer is running slow. This applies even more if you are using a slimmer or smaller Mac laptop that doesn’t have a huge hard drive space. It’s a good idea to clear out old files like photos, videos, downloads, and your recycling bin on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to use an application such as CCleaner to remove any unwanted files. 

Back-Up Your Data

Even the best Mac can crash, experience hard drive problems, or contend with other issues that could end up risking your data. It’s good to get into the habit of backing up your data every week, you can save yourself real heartache if something was to go wrong. Lossing family pictures, an important work project, or valuable banking information is never a good thing. Complete a full backup of your machine is one option, and it’s probably the easiest choice too, it can then be used for a full restore at a later date if you needed. However, you also have the option to just drag and drop certain files and folders across to an external hard drive, either that or use online cloud storage.  

Install Anti-Malware Software 

Most Mac users will have probably heard the well-known myth that Macs aren’t vulnerable to viruses other various types of malware. But it is just a myth. There are growing numbers of malware that are made to target the OS X operating system and it’s only growing quicker as Mac computer becomes more popular. It’s a good idea to download some good anti-virus or anti-malware software, you can then use this to scan your computer for infections and then block future threats. It’s best if you leave this software running in the background to successfully catch any unwanted attacks if and as they happen, you should receive an alert for you to review that come up as a popup. You should be aware that if you try to install anything on your computer you may need to take extra steps via your anti-malware software so you are able to add them to your computer. 

Keep Your Desktop Tidy 

A lot of Mac users like to keep their most frequently used folders, downloads, and apps on their desktop, however, this habit can cause your Mac to run slower than it should. The Mac needs to use RAM to display each icon on your desktop, meaning, the more cluttered your desktop is the fewer resources your Mac has for other tasks. Ideally, you should keep your application in a folder and file anything else away into an arranged folder system. It’s fine to have a few folders on your desktop, but you try to avoid it for the best performance.

Run Updates 

It’s always a good idea to make sure you install the recommended updates that Mac offer. One it offers you a better piece of equipment to use with the need to buy a one which in turn, increases the life span of your Mac. It also helps to fix and bugs and could result in your Mac running faster. Apple is extremely good in this department and releases regular updates to their Macs. It will be a while before your Mac no longer fits the cut with being compatible with the updates they are offering. If you’re someone who prefers not to update your computer because you prefer to stick with what you know, you can always pick and choose the updates that you do want to use. 

There are many different ways you can look after you Mac and keep it running smoothly as time goes on. The above are among the most universal ways to maintain your Mac and be able to restore it to a fantastic computer if things go wrong.