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Ensuring Your Home Is Warm This Winter

Winter is fast approaching and before you know it you will be snuggled in your dressing gown sipping hot chocolate. If you are reluctant to put the heating on due to the rising energy costs then there are several other ways you can keep your home warm. If you have young children or vulnerable adults in your home then you may have to put the heating on. A great tip for the heating is to use it at a constant heat and keep it on all the time. This may sound like an expensive tip. However, when you keep the temperature constant in your home, the heating doesn’t have to heat the whole house each time you put it on. Find out below some other amazing ways you can retain the heat in your home. 


One way you can ensure your home stays a little warmer this winter is by using carpets rather than hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are great for the summer months but you will struggle to keep your home warm in the wintertime. There may be rooms in your home that you can switch to carpet, the bedroom and living room for example. The thicker the carpet, the better insulated your rooms will be. Make sure you shop around for the very best deals on carpets before winter really hits. 

Thick Curtains 

Something else that you can use to keep your home insulated is thick curtains. Blinds are okay but they won’t keep the heat in and the cold out when you truly need it. In winter you should switch to thicker curtains that are lined. Keeping them closed throughout the day will prevent the existing heat from disappearing from your home. If you are looking for some new curtains or rods, take a look at the drapery hardware range. 

Draft Excluders

If you notice that there are drafts coming in from under your doors making your home cold then you should invest in some draft excluders. These are long padded objects that you put in front of your door and they block the draft from coming into the room. This does mean that the room the draft is coming from will feel colder when you venture in there, however, the other room will be warmer. 

HVAC System

If you have an HVAC system in your home that you rely on to heat your home then you should get this looked at before it gets really cold. It is common for boilers and HVAC systems to break down during winter as they haven’t been used in a year. Make sure that you are not doing the maintenance yourself, call out an engineer who can take a look at this for you. They will tell you if there is any work that is required for it to be in full working order. 

Fix Windows

The majority of the heat lost from your home escapes through the windows. It is common for your windows to leak air and have small cracks or crevices in them. If you make it a priority to fix the windows and seal any gaps then you will notice the difference in how cold the air feels in your home. If your windows are old and you don’t have double or triple glazing then you may want to take advantage of new window deals from window and door companies. 

Insulate Your Home

You may have heard that your friends are insulating their homes this winter, you can too. By placing insulation in the walls and in the loft, you are keeping the heat in for a little bit longer. Heat can’t escape from a well-insulated wall or ceiling. It is thought that you lose around 30% of heat from your walls and about 25% from the ceiling. Insulating these areas will prevent this heat loss and your home will feel naturally warmer. The two best insulation types for your home could be wood fiber insulation and rigid foam insulation. 


Finally, if you want to keep your home warm and heat it without using the heating then how about a fireplace? You can get a fake fireplace that lets out heat or you may be lucky enough to own a real fireplace. If you have a real one then before you use it, you will need to get the chimney sweeps in to clean it. Using a dirty chimney can lead to health issues and soot spreading around your home. If you want to install a fireplace, make sure you are reading reviews from companies or getting recommendations from friends.