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Even My 4-Year-Old is Marie Kondo-ing Our House

Kids are honest. Sometimes too honest.

My 4-year-old is the sweetest, kindest spirit that you’ll ever meet.

But, he will tell you to your face what he thinks.

The other day, we were playing hide and seek and he opens our hall closet looking for his older brother. As soon as he opens it he says, “Nope, he’s not in here, just a bunch of crap”.

I busted out laughing because ya know, that was quite funny.

Also, he wasn’t wrong.

We did have a lot of “crap”. And, here is my 4-year-old reminding me of it.

So, naturally I did what any good parent would do…

I put on an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix as an experiment.

I had to know what he felt about the episode and his response shocked me.

We started watching episode #2 “Empty Nesters” and within the first few minutes my son has this horrified look on his face.

He looks at me and says “Mom, we need to do that to our house.”

I replied, “Do what honey?”

Him: “We need to clean and organize our house so ours doesn’t look like that.”

I laughed.

He laughed.

And now we have spent the last few days Marie Kondo-ing our home.

I kid you not, he spent a few hours yesterday organizing his LEGO’s. Digging out random pieces from the couch, his room and from random containers around the house.

He totally stored them in a clear bin so he could “see them” like Marie would say.

My 4-year-old gets it.

He doesn’t want to see us on an episode of hoarders.

So, there’s that.