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The Best Fallout Party Ideas

If you’re looking to decorate your Fallout shelter for a Fallout themed party, look no further!

I’ve gathered The Best Fallout Party Ideas that’ll turn your next birthday party into a vault dwellers dream.

collage of fallout party ideas

Whether you’re a fan of the Fallout game or the Fallout series, these ideas will make your next Fallout party one to remember.

I recently threw a Fallout themed birthday party for my son’s 14th birthday and at the time, there was nearly nothing online about how to throw one. So, my husband and I spent a few weeks preparing and made our own props, recipes and decor.

Overall, I think our Fallout party turned out great and it was a huge hit with our party guests which is why I want to share our ideas with you. I sure hope these ideas help you throw the ultimate Fallout party!

collage of fallout party ideas

The Best Fallout Party Ideas

The first thing that we did was we purchased this pack of Fallout Digital Files. It came with over 400 elements that we ended up using to make a lot of the decor.

I used Canva and created several signs that we had printed at our local FedEx Kinkos (for the best print quality) and then cut them out and taped them around our home and yard.

One of the files in that pack was also this sign that we used to make a banner from FedEx and hung in the front of our house. People loved it!

fallout birthday banner

We did purchase this Fallout party pack off Amazon. It was okay quality and we mostly wanted it for the Fallout themed balloons and Happy Birthday banner.

We then made Vault number images that had “14” for our son’s age.

In the digital file pack, it has elements you can use to make your own vault numbers so that is what we ended up using.

Here’s some of the other decorations we made and printed:

fallout birthday decor

For other decorations, we purchased blue and yellow tablecloths, crate paper, napkins, plates, plastic cutlery and balloons from Dollar Tree (the colors were perfect Fallout colors).

fallout birthday party decor

We also made our own Fallout Party Favor Bags which doubled as bags for the candy from the piñata we made.

We found the blue treat bags at Dollar Tree and then created some Vault labels from the digital files, printed them, cut them out and then applied them to the front of the treat bags using Mod Podge.

fallout party treat bags on table

For props, we already had several Fallout collectibles on hand such as Vault Boy Figures, a Brotherhood of Steel flag and a few other items.

brootherhood of steel flag for fallout party

We also made our own Rad Away Packs which doubled as drinks (we made some with just Coke for decor and others with rum for the adults to drink).

fallout rad away pack on blue table

For the piñata, the best idea we had was to make our own Red Rocket Piñata.

We then filled the piñata with candy and some Fallout stickers.

red rocket pinata for fallout party

For the food, we made our own Fallout food labels and then used these metal table numbers to place them in front of the food items.

The food we served was:

  • Brahmin Burgers (we used mini burgers)
  • Mongrel Dogs (hot dogs)
  • Mutfruit (a fruit bowl from Costco)
  • Wasteland Veggies (a veggie tray from Costco)
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum (we made our own)
  • Nuka Cola (we made our own)
  • Purified Water (we made our own)
  • BlamCo Mac & Cheese (we got the family size Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese and baked it)
  • Irradiated Potato Chips (we got a variety box of single serve chips from Costco)
  • Pre-War Cookies (cookies from Costco)

If you want the printable I made, you can download and use this Free Printable Fallout Food Labels. It is for personal use only.

fallout party food labels

Here is how some of the food turned out:

For party games, we had Axe Throwing (the one from Costco), Corn Hole (and applied some of the Fallout Factions onto the top of the boards), and even had Fallout Nuka Cola Checkers.

Overall, the party was a huge hit and I hope these ideas help you throw the best Fallout party ever!