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DIY Fallout Rad Away Packs

These DIY Fallout Rad Away Packs will be a huge hit at any Fallout themed party. They are easy to make and double as cool party props!

rad away pack on white table

Rad Away is Needed to Survive in The Wasteland

If you’re not familiar with the Fallout game series, then you may not know that one of the best items to have on you is the Rad Away packs. After all, they remove radiation damage.

With that being said, we wanted to make these cool Rad Away packs for our son’s 14th Fallout birthday party and we think they turned out awesome!

With just a few simple supplies, you can have your own homemade Rad Away packs that can serve as party props and double as drinks for your party guests!

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rad away pack on white table

Why You’ll Love This DIY

  • It is easy to make – This project is as simple as printing some labels, sticking them onto some IV bags and filling them with soda.
  • It is perfect for Fallout Fans – If you are looking for some Fallout Party ideas or even a gift for a Fallout fan, this would be perfect!
  • It is inexpensive – Each bag ended up costing us around $1.50 to make which is so inexpensive compared to what is being sold out there right now.
rad away packs on table

What You Need to Make Rad Away

  • IV Bags – I found these on Amazon and they worked great. They do come with labels but we didn’t end up using those. It did also come with a syringe to make filling each back easy.
  • Rad Away Label – I saved and used this label.
  • Label Printer– I already owned a shipping label printer so I adjusted my print settings and printed these labels on a 4×6 shipping label. It did only print them in black and white but it worked great. You can also use a regular printer then cut and glue them onto the front of the IV bags.
  • Coca-Cola – Coke is such a similar color to the actual Rad Away substance in the game. I used Coke Zero to fill the prop bags we placed around the party. For the adults, we made extras with some white rum that the adults drank.
rad away supplies on table

Helpful Tips

  • You can make these in advance and place them in the fridge. Just keep in mind the soda may go flat.
  • If using regular paper for the labels, you’ll want to be careful filling the bags as getting soda on the labels will ruin them. You can fill the bags first then apply the labels.
  • These bags can be washed and reused. It isn’t easy to wash them but it can be done.
  • If you want to make the bags look “bloody”, you can dip a paint brush into some red paint and then flick them onto the front of the labels and allow them to dry.
rad away bag on white table

Fallout Rad Away Packs

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How to make Fallout Rad Away Packs that double as a drink for your Fallout party
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 10 IV Drink Bags
  • 10 Rad Away Labels
  • 3-4 Cans of Coca-Cola 12 oz.


  • Begin by printing out your labels. If using a label printer, it will print with a sticky backing. If using a regular printer, you’ll also need some sort of glue or adhesive such as Mod Podge in order to adhere the labels to the bags.
  • Pour your cans of soda into a large bowl (and your white rum if using) and using the syringe to carefully fill each bag. Keep in mind of the carbonation, it is normal for the carbonation to “spit” the soda out a bit. Just push out the excess air before sealing.
  • Using the provided clips, seal the bags so they don’t spill everywhere.
  • Apply your label onto the front of each IV bag.
  • Place the IV bags into the fridge until ready to serve or display as a party prop.
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