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Fool Proof Ways to Communicate With a Young Child

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Moodsters for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Young children are scary little creatures. Aside from the fact they act just like you in so many ways, they are tiny dictators with short fuses that you can only understand about half the time. They know exactly how to pull at our heart strings and how to deplete our patience level all at the same time. We love them but their random episodes of crying and tantrums can make us want to pull our hair out. Before you make yourself go bald, you should read these Fool Proof Ways to Communicate With a Young Child. They will help get you back your sanity and help you sleep with both eyes shut.



Fool Proof Ways to Communicate With a Young Child

Communicating with a young one is a bit tricky. For the most part, children understand what they want to say and while they sometimes can just come right out and say it, there are other times they have no idea where to start other than crying or screaming. Unfortunately, those crying and screaming episodes make us frustrated as parents because 1. we want the noise to stop and 2. we want to figure out what is wrong so we can help our child. Getting to that point of happiness for everyone is such a challenge, am I right?

Parents I feel your pain. As a mom to a little one I can tell you it’s hard to have us both on the same level sometimes but here are some fool proof ways I’ve found that will help…

  • Turn it into a game. Can anyone ever really be mad when a game is involved? I don’t think so! Simply draw out feelings on a piece of paper (yes, yours can be of you tearing your hair out), even sing a song, or my personal favorite, look into the mirror and have your child portray their feelings into that mirror.
  • Act it out. Sometimes the best way to get out an emotion is to show it. Allow your child to act out what they are feeling or better yet, have you act out different emotions and let them nod when that is how they are feeling.
  • Declutter the situation. Children have a hard time multi-tasking and need to focus on one thing at a time. For that reason, you want to remove any distractions when you are communicating with them. Allow the focus to be on them, and their focus be on you.
  • Talk in a positive tone. Instead of sounding upset and raising your voice, talk in a normal voice and use positive words as much as possible. The frustration is there for sure but not allowing it to show can make for a better outcome.
  • Make eye contact. It’s tough for both the parent and child when there is a lot of tension going on. However, eye contact is so important. It makes your child feel like they have your full attention and that they are really being heard when they do begin to speak to you.
  • Use toys! Okay so I said to declutter the situation and this might seem like the opposite. However, using toys can actually better the mood and allow you to get your words across. It may also calm your child down enough for them to speak clearly to you. The Moodsters products are actually a great place to start and perfect for communicating with your child.

How We’ve Used The Moodsters Products To Better Communicate With Our Son

A few weeks ago my family and I purchased some products (toys) called The Moodsters. The Moodsters are a team of five loveable little detectives that help kids solve the mysteries of feelings created by Denise Daniels who is a Peabody award-winning broadcast journalist, parenting and child development expert and author who specializes in the social and emotional development of children.moosters5 moosters3The overall experience was amazing because my son felt like he was playing but at the same time, learned how to communicate his feelings to us. We have been playing with these toys since and The Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity Book has become his favorite. The plush has different sayings like “I’m mad”. His name is Razzy and his emotion is anger (I think that was obvious).

The activity book is filled with lots of color and feelings. It even has stickers that your child can place into the book. Anyone that knows my son personally knows he LOVES stickers (our table and fridge are solid proof of that). moosters2 moosters4

With the holidays nearing we are all looking for that latest and greatest toy but what about a toy that keeps on giving? I suggest snagging The Moodsters products for any child on your list, especially one that may struggle with being verbal even with their feelings.

You can find all The Moodsters products here and at Toys R Us. You can also learn more on the The Moodsters Website and follow them socially on The Moodsters Facebook Page

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