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Four Simple Changes To Transform Your Home

There are changes that you can make to your home that make a significant impact but can end up costing a lot of money. However, a big budget isn’t always needed to make the transformations that you’re after when it comes to your property. Here are four simple changes to transform your home.

white house with trees surrounding it

Re-Design A Space

Firstly, you want to think about re-designing the space to suit your needs and if you’ve moved into a property that’s not functional, it can make you dislike your own home. Look at each space and concentrate on certain aspects of the house design. What could you change in order to make it more functional for you and your household? It might be a case of rearranging the furniture or replacing some of the features. It might be that you end up spending a bit more money in order to knock a wall down or to add in a wall. Design can really do wonders for any space and sometimes it’s a case of thinking outside of the box to see what will work. You can always seek the advice of professionals to see what they’d suggest when it comes to transforming the space.

brightly lit kitchen

Change Your Door Knobs

Door knobs are a simple design element in your home that you might not really pay particular attention to and for the most part, tend to all look the same. It’s worth exploring the different options that are out there when it comes to door handles because they can make your space a lot more unique than you might think. Whether you’re going for a vintage or rustic, modern or art-deco, there are lots of different doorknob designs that you might find can make a big difference to the appearance of your doors.

wood pieces painted different colors on a wall

Re-Upholster Your Furniture

If you’re someone who is a dab hand at DIY, then re-upholstering your furniture is certainly something that can be achieved. There are going to be furnishings around your home that are looking a little battered and tired, which can really affect the feel and quality of a room. Things like torn fabrics on sofas or on armchairs can be frustrating to have to look at all the time and so you might want to think about ripping the fabric back to the bare bones of the structure and replacing it with something new. 

sun shining through patio window onto a dining room table

Add A Lick Of Paint

And finally, it’s amazing what a bit of paint can do to a space, especially in rooms where the existing paint or wallpaper might have chipped or come away from the wall. If either is the case, then look at touching up the paint color that exists on the wall or perhaps decide on a completely new color. Some rooms might benefit from painting a feature wall and keeping the other walls fairly neutral. You could even think about exposing some of the brickwork and making that in a feature wall in the living room or bathroom, for example.

person painting wood with a paint brush

Use these tips to help make simple changes to your space.