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There’s A Free App That’ll Show You When You’ll See The Northern Lights in Your Area

If you’ve been on social media at all the last few days your feed has likely been flooded with gorgeous, colorful images of the Northern Lights (or Southern Lights depending where you live).

If you missed your chance to see them last night, the good news is, you have another chance to see them tonight.

This celestial event is one that will not happen for a long time so if you’re wanting to see it, tonight is your chance!

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center, the best viewing will be across the Ohio River Valley through the Midwest and into the Pacific Northwest.

But how do you know exactly when and where to view them?

Well, luckily there is a FREE APP for that!

The app is currently free to download in the app store and it will not only tell you where you can view the Auroras in your area, but it will alert you at the peak time by sending you a notification to your phone.

Once you download the app, it will prompt you to give it some permissions. It needs to have access to your location and be able to send you alerts so you can get the best viewing time sent to you when it’s time to look.

Once you accept the permissions, you’ll be able to view the live map.

It will tell you where it is best to see the Auroras RIGHT NOW and will keep an eye on things in your area.

Plus, you can view photos from other users that are viewing the Auroras currently.

I cannot wait to see this and this app is going to help so much. It helps save time and helps you see those beautiful, vibrant colored skies!

Keep in mind, there is also a BEST WAY to view the Northern and Southern Lights. Read about that here.

The app is called My Aurora Forecast and Alerts and you can download for free right now in your app store.