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FREE Fertility Kit for Moms!

While I am done having babies, I remember what it was like when I was trying to conceive with our daughter.

It was hard knowing when I was ovulating and therefore, when was a good time to try to conceive.

While I never used a fertility kit (and just let nature take it’s course) I have heard great things about Fertility Kits BUT they can be expensive.

I am really excited because right now, you can get a FREE Fertility Kit!

You can receive:

  • A free SmartReader starter kit with 5 ovulation strips and 1 pregnancy test.

Here is how to get it:

Download the SmileReader app. For Android and iOS.

Create a free account.

Go through the prompts and you will see a new notification. Click on it and you’ll see the message “Congratulations! Your coupon has arrived”.

Follow the instructions to head to Amazon and add the item to your cart. It is for the $3.48 one (the promo code won’t work on anything else)

Make sure you place the gift card code from the app into the gift card box during checkout. You will receive free 2-day Amazon prime shipping with this order.

FYI THIS CODE IS UNIQUE TO YOU and can only be used once so don’t share it with anyone! My code has already been used to don’t try to use it!