Free Holiday Shopping List Printable

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This weekend marks the biggest holiday shopping season of the year. With all that we have going on, it’s easy to forget everything we need to get during our shopping trip. That is what I have created this Free Holiday Shopping List Printable that you can print and take with you. Plus, I’ve given you 5 things NOT to forget while shopping!

Free Holiday Shopping List Printable + 5 things NOT to forget while shopping

First, you are going to want to download and print your holiday shopping list. Click the image below to view and print the file!

Now, there are 5 things you have to ensure you include on your holiday shopping list. These 5 things are items I typically ALWAYS forget simply because they are so easy to forget. Here they are:

  1. BATTERIES!!! Okay, I have been guilty of gifting my kids toys and forgetting the batteries. Can you say, mom fail? Almost everywhere is closed on Christmas Day so don’t be like me and forget the batteries.
  2. Tape! I always run out of tape wrapping gifts. When you think you might have enough tape, buy more.
  3. Gift Boxes. One thing that happens is I get really excited about wrapping gifts but then towards the end, I want to just stick it all into cute gift boxes and call it good. My recommendation is to purchase gift boxes in multiple sizes, you never know when you might need them!
  4. Gift tags. Another thing I’ve learned over the years is how terrible it is to be wrapping gifts and totally forget to write the names on the presents. It’s like play roulette trying to figure out what goes to who. Get gift tags ready-to-go (stickers are best) and slap those babies onto the packages so you won’t have the same problem I did!


Don’t Ruin Christmas for Not Having Batteries

As I mentioned above, it is the worst waking up on Christmas morning without batteries. You instantly watch the smiles on your kids faces disappear knowing they cannot play with their electronic toys for another day. And nobody wants to be a grinch on Christmas. So, head to Walmart where you can visit their Battery Center (usually near the front of the store) to pick up your favorite batteries.

Not just any batteries though,Energizer MAX batteries. These batteries are long-lasting and are designed to protect against damaging leaks for up to two years after fully used. Plus, you can buy Energizer batteries in large quantities since they hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage. With Energizer, you will gain the confidence knowing that the AA and AAA sizes are now their #1 longest-lasting MAX™ batteries.

Plus, when you purchase $15 of Energizer batteries you can get a $5 Walmart eGift Card. Once you submit your receipt showing a $15 purchase, you are automatically entered win the value of their receipt (up to $500). Each week, there will be a new winner announced, too.  In addition, from December 4th to December 16th you can go in-store to Walmart to purchase Energizer batteries and earn Kicks on your Shopkick app. With all of these offers combined, it makes for a killer deal on batteries!

Look for the marked packages at Walmart with the stickers on the front (like the packages shown below). You can also learn more by visiting

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