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Free Printable Cereal Sorting Mats

This post has been sponsored by Kellogg’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In my experience, kids learn best when they are having fun while doing it. It it feels forced, they grow to hate it. Which is why as we are teaching our youngest son everything he needs to know, we try to make it fun. I decided to come up with a way he could perfect his number counting and color sorting and made these Free Printable Cereal Sorting Mats.

That’s right, learning while eating breakfast!

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Parents, I get it. It’s summer and we all just want a break from all the homework and learning. I’m sure our kids do, too.

But, did you know that children can fall behind the learning curve if they aren’t regularly learning even throughout the summer? It’s true.

While we are not doing a full schooling session in our home during the summer, we do try to actively engage our children in activities that help them learn while still having fun.

That’s where breakfast and learning go hand-in-hand. Our boys are a bit picky when it comes to eating, so it’s a total win for me if I can find a cereal they both enjoy.

Recently, we were doing our weekly shopping trip at Walmart and came across the New Kellogg’s® Wild Berry Froot Loops® Cereal. Since we already love the original Froot Loops, we had to give it a try!

My boys ended up loving the taste and I can say that if you like fruity flavored and colorful foods, you’d really like these! These have a new berry aroma and taste!

Since my youngest son (who will be entering preschool this year) really liked them, I decided it was an opportunity to use the cereal to teach and help him perfect his colors and numbers by sorting the cereal into printables I made.

I made two separate cereal sorting mats. The first one was the Cereal Color Sorting Mat. <—- You can click that link to get your own free copy of it!

I even decided to make the silhouettes match the different shapes of the Wild Berry Froot Loops® (these come in circle and star shaped cereal).

Free Printable Cereal Sorting Mats #printable #freeprintable #cereal #sortingmats #preschoolprintables

Then, when he was done, we used the Cereal Number Sorting Mat. <—- Again, clicking that link will get you a copy of the free printable.

Free Printable Cereal Sorting Mats #printable #freeprintable #cereal #sortingmats #preschoolprintables

He had a blast snacking, sorting and learning. It was a fun experience and he was being fed at the same time. Total win in my book!

If you’d like to teach your kids to sort cereal by colors and numbers you’ll want to pick up your own box of Wild Berry Froot Loops® at your local Walmart. It’s the perfect on-the-go snack and breakfast for the entire family.

I surely hope you’ll give the New Wild Berry Froot Loops® a try and allow your kids to learn and snack this summer!