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Gift Guide Policy

Gift Guides are quite popular among readers. This Gift Guide Policy is to help you understand the benefits of being featured in a Gift Guide and the requirements when with working with Simplistically Living.

gift guide policy

Gift Guides are popular because they give consumers a variety of items that make great gifts for upcoming holidays, birthdays and events. These are all listed on one page and organized into different categories to offer convenience.

Benefits of Being featured:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Optimized exposure to your target market
  • Increased sales through the use of promotions

Gift Guide Features:

Gift Guide Features are NOT full reviews. Instead they include a snippet of information that lead consumers to the product page where they can learn more information offering a higher click-through rate than traditional reviews. Features include a high-resolution image, a paragraph including brief information about the product, a link to where the product can be purchased, and pricing information. I currently use a plugin called Tablepress to put together my gift guides in a professional and appealing layout. My 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is live NOW and is actively being updated daily with new items and brands.

Current Categories:

Our current Holiday Gift Guide categories are:

  • Stocking Stuffers
  • For Babies
  • For Kids
  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For Crafters
  • For The Home
  • For Pets
  • Health & Wellness

*New this Year*

I will be adding the following categories to the guide:

  • Star Wars (this will be HUGE with the new movie released right before Christmas)
  • Simple Gifts (think things like small inexpensive gifts perfect for gift giving)

I am also willing to consider adding additional categories as needed or suggested.

How to Get Your Product Featured:

My Holiday Gift Guide was one of my top posts of 2014 and I continue to receive traffic to that post which is why I have decided to host several gift guides throughout the year. Since I receive several requests for these gift guides I have set up some requirements I ask each potential sponsor to review in order to be considered for feature. These requirements include:

  1. Physical items must be sent to me and must meet my current minimum retail value of $50.
  2. Items received are non-returnable and will serve as compensation for my time and effort provided for the feature.
  3. If no physical product will be sent for review, there will be a $50 charge to feature your product on my site and within the Gift Guide (this includes apps and digital content). If you have multiple items you want featured I will work out a discounted rate for you.
  4. I will link to Amazon where the product can be purchased unless otherwise specified from the sponsor. If the product is not available on Amazon, I will link to the appropriate product page.
  5. Items will be featured in the order they are received. This may take anywhere between 2-4 weeks for the feature to be completed depending on the amount of items received during that period of time (around the holidays is the busiest time).
  6. Products must be something that I believe will be a good fit for my site and of interest to my readers. With that being said, I have readers of all ages and interests so please contact me to further discuss a feature opportunity.

Giveaway Opportunity

You also have the option of increasing your social media following by paying a few to be included in a group Amazon gift card giveaway. The fee will go directly towards the giveaway prize. Amazon gift cards have been one of the best giveaway prizes which is why I have decided to offer that this year rather than physical items. Gift guide giveaways are group giveaways and will have a group of bloggers promoting that one giveaway so it will further the amount of exposure received to your product/brand and the gift guide. These are typically the most successful way to host giveaways. Please contact me if interested.


  • All items must be received to me by no later than December 4th,2015 to ensure a feature in the gift guide. Any items received to me after this deadline will not be featured and the return shipping costs must be handled by the sponsor. Please keep this in mind when sending products for feature. Note: Any items sent to me without agreed upon may or may not be featured.

As I mentioned Gift Guides are a great way to be featured. They are offer a higher click-through rate, increased exposure, and give you the opportunity to be among several other brands (large and small).

Contact Brittanie

Please feel free contact me if you have any further questions regarding how you can feature your product or service in one of my gift guides. I can be reached directly at I look forward to working with you!