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Why Every Mom Should Consider Going Back to School

Here’s a thought for you while you’re packing your children off to school…

Why don’t you follow suit and go back to school?

In my opinion, Every Mom Should Consider Going Back to School whether it’s to sharpen your current skillset or to change careers. Maybe it’s even to have something of your own personal accomplishment – whatever the reason may be, its worth considering in the new year. 

Why Every Mom Should Consider Going Back to School

Do it for personal achievement. If you are at home all day, with a schedule determined by your children, you may lack a sense of purpose. Sure, you’re a mom, but surely there is more to your life than making packed lunches and doing the laundry. An online or a part-time course might just give you a little more focus in your life, with the rewards that come from completing a course of education.

Do it for your career. You may not be working at the moment if you’re a stay-at-home mom, but that can still change in the future. When your children are of an age when they don’t need you running around after them, you may want to get back into work. This extra income will help you to make more savings, and it will put you back on the career ladder. Look ahead to the kind of career you might be interested in, and then look for the courses and the education to get you there.

Do it as a role model to your kids. Are your children engaged with their education? Do they relish the thought of getting up in the morning to go to school? Do they do their homework with gladness and joy? They very well might, but then again, they might be a little more resentful of the educational experience. However, if you find a course you like, you can role model the importance of education. Show them how you can be diligent with your coursework. Let them know the value education will bring to your life. By seeing you go to school with hopeful good spirits, your children may well do the same.

Take nursing for example, it’s a great career path and can open up a ton of opportunities (since nurses are in high demand).

As a qualified nurse, you already boast a wealth of knowledge. This includes academic education and practical training. However, there is never a time to stop learning. Increasing your skills set could take many forms. From understanding the impact of pharmacokinetics to using new tech and dressings in the theater, new knowledge is key. After all, the medical arena evolves at a rapid rate. Staying ahead of the game with the latest developments will ensure that you provide the best service to patients. Better still, it allows you to stand out for promotion. 

Do it to be a better parent. We aren’t judging your parenting skills – we are sure you’re absolutely brilliant; a literal Wonder Woman! Still, there are some courses that will increase your parenting skills and help you to understand your children more. A counseling course will serve you well, for example, as you will learn how to talk to your children when they are having specific issues. You might then take this online masters of clinical mental health counseling course to increase your knowledge and further your career. Or you might want to take specific courses related to children, whether its a teaching qualification with a career in mind or part-time courses in such things as child development and positive parenting.

There might be countless other reasons why you might want to go back to school, so don’t rule out the possibility in your life. Consider those courses that will benefit you and/or your family, and look for a route back in to further education. We wish you every success if you do!