The Grinch Candle

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The Grinch Candle is a fun and festive holiday craft idea. Celebrate Christmas with this green and mean candle that is sure to fill you with joy all season long. It makes the perfect holiday gift too!

Nothing puts a damper on the holidays more than The Grinch. He’s a mean one but we can just skip to the end where his tiny heart is glowing red and he finally finds his place within our homes.

This Homemade Grinch Candle will bring fun and mischief to your home. Depending on the scent you choose, it may smell like Christmas too!

What You Need to Make a Grinch Candle:

Note: You can also use yellow edible eyes or yellow eye beads if you can find them with a flat back.

How to Make a Grinch Candle:

First, start by preheating your hot glue gun. You want to be sure it’s ready for when you need to apply the details to your candle! 

Next, make sure your candle has a smooth surface. Luckily, the backside of the candle I chose did not have any labels like the front so that is the side I chose to use. 

Now take your black piece of foam and cut out the eyebrows and smile. I suggest outlining about the size you need to fit your candle so you don’t make the details too big or too small. I used scissors and just cut out the smile and eyebrows.

Take your black buttons and hot glue them on top of the yellow buttons. I found some round black buttons that actually ended up looking like pupils. Just make sure the black buttons are smaller than the yellow so you can still see the color of the eyes.

Now it’s time to start attaching the details. I first lied my candle on it’s side and positioned the details the way I wanted them. I then started to hot glue them onto the front of the candle. Make sure you do this step slowly so you don’t mess up and make a mess on the candle. 

Once the details of the face are on, (and don’t forget the tiny red heart) it’s time to add the santa hat. I actually found this in the mall where they sell doll and bear clothing. It fit the candle perfectly! 

And there you have it, a perfectly made Green & Mean Candle! 

Not only is this candle a totally adorable way to dress up your home for the holidays but it would make a great gift too! It is very inexpensive to make and I found all of the items (except the hat) but including the Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks at Walmart!

The Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks are:

  • 5X MORE DURABLE* – For projects that last
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – For indoor and outdoor use
  • ALL TEMPERATURE- Safe for both high and low temperature glue guns
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR STRONG BONDING: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass and More!
  • LOW TEMPERATURE FOR DELICATE MATERIALS: Floral, Fabric, Foam, Jewelry and More!
  • VERSATILE – Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal and glass.

I found them right down the craft isle. They make them in mini and full-size sticks to fit the glue gun you own! Plus, they are only around $4 which is AWESOME! 

So what are you waiting for, head to Walmart and pick up what you need to make this adorable Green & Mean Candle everyone is going to love! You will steal Christmas, that is for sure!

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