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Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bona for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things to keep clean in my home is my hardwood floors. Sure, carpet shows stains and every bit of dirt but if you have hardwood floors and kids (especially boys) along with pets, they sure do take a beating. Other than ensuring I keep my floors cleaned as much as possible, there are other ways I care for my floors. So today I am sharing Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips that I personally use to help care for my floors in hopes it will help you too! Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips

Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips

Remove shoes – Shoes can’t not only track in unwanted dirt and germs, but they can also damage your floors. You know how you love to wear your favorite stiletto heels on the weekends? Feel free to wear them just not in your home and on your floors. Shoes can cause cracks, scratches, and holes that ruin your floors. Opt for leaving your shoes at the door. Utilize rugs – Rugs can give your floors a pop of color but furthermore, protect your hardwood floors from harsh elements. If you have kids, you know they will drop toys and spill just about anything. Rugs can truly protect your floors from these elements. Another great way to use them is under furniture so the legs of the furniture do not scratch or damage your floors during use. Don’t scratch it – Certain mops, brooms, vacuums, etc. can scratch up your floors and make them dull over time. When cleaning and caring for your floors, you want to use soft cloths and use a vacuum without a power rotary brush head to clean them. I typically use a combination of a soft broom and a microfiber pad that is soft enough to care for my floor but strong enough to clean them. For a tougher clean, I really love the Bona PowerPlus Deep Clean Pad.Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips2 Don’t overly wet it – While cleaning your floors regularly is recommended, you don’t want to soak your floors with a mop and bucket. Soaking the floors can cause damage over the time including cracks and leaks down to the sub-flooring which can create an abundance of problems in the future. Avoid the sun – If any there were anytime to become a vampire it would be now. Yes, we all love that natural light coming into our homes but if you have hardwood floors, it can actually be doing your home some hard. UV rays from the sun can damage your floors by discoloring them overtime. To avoid damage, use drapes and blinds to block the sun especially during peak times in the day when the rays shine bright into your home. Use the correct cleaners – When cleaning your floors, it seems like there is so many different floor cleaners but you want to ensure the one you use is specifically for hardwood floors. Using other cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can damage your floors. One product I highly recommend is Bona® PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner. I’ll discuss why I recommend that cleaner in further detail below.

Cleaning Your Floors, The Right Way The First Time

Life keeps us all busy so we don’t have the time to re-clean something just because it wasn’t done the right way the first time. That is why when it comes to your hardwood floors, you want to know what you are doing and exactly the type of cleaner you need to use. As I mentioned, the issue truly lies with the amount of products available on the market today and to be honest, most of their claims to “clean and protect” your floors just don’t stand true. So what do I do? Well, I go with a brand I know I can trust to clean and protect my floors and that is Bona. Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips with BONA Bona US, is the world leader in hardwood floor care since 1919. Bona’s hardwood floor care systems have been successful in the professional market for more than 90 years. With certifications like GREENGUARD, the company has also been recognized for formula innovations that are pH-neutral and non-toxic. So not only do they know what they are doing, you can rest easy knowing their products are safe to use around your home. That is something very important to me since I have children and pets. Bona has launched a new line of products including the PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner that is safe for hardwood floors. This ready-to-use, residue-free formulation provides deep clean results that are fast and beautiful with 3x the cleaning action and it’s Bona’s most powerful cleaner yet. It also:

  • Loosens tough, heavy build up with a powerful surfactant
  • Penetrates dirt and grime with the oxygenated formula for a powerful clean
  • Lifts away final surface debris with the oxygenated bubbling action

You can then clean it all up with Bona’s PowerPlus™ Deep Clean Pad which is a breakthrough in microfiber technology, it takes deep cleaning floors to a new level. As many of you know, I have 2 boys and that means my floors have seen it all. One thing they’ve seen a lot lately is mud and dirt because it’s been on the warmer side and we’ve been outside exploring and playing. My kiddos seem to track mud in quite often like you see below. dirty floors before But not to worry, I just spray a little of the Bona Deep Cleaner and use the handy cleaning pad to wipe it all away. dirty floors 2 clean floors after BONA Isn’t that just amazing? It really took little effort to get that dirt and mud right off my floor. This makes me one happy mama! Don’t wait another minute to start caring for your hardwood floors! You can combine these tips with the Bona line of products to ensure your hardwood floors will last a lifetime. I know mine will! In case you are wondering, BONA products are now available at Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, ACE Hardware and True Value.

Take part in the Bona PowerPair Sweepstakes

Bona is hosting the PowerPair sweepstakes to highlight the power of our new PowerPlus deep clean system. Win our amazing grand price (listed below).  Additionally we will offer 100 INSTANT WIN PRIZES by playing our PowerPair Match Game to  win a BonaHardwood Floor Mop and a $25 VISA® Gift Card. As an extra bonus, upload your receipt for a $5 Starbucks® Gift Card when you purchase two Bona Products, like the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona PowerPlus Microfiber Deep Clean Pad. Grand Prize:

  • NEST®Thermostat
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And One Year’s Worth of Bona® Product

  • Bona®Hardwood Floor Mop
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  • Two Bottles Bona®Furniture Polish
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You can win great prizes AND deep clean your floors at the same time. How fun! Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips3

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Tobias Armstrong

Thursday 31st of March 2016

This was awesome to read. I just moved into a house that has a ton of wood floors, and I've never had to deal with them before now. I've kind of been scratching my head as to what I should start with, and this was a huge help. I've thought about trying to polish it, but I guess I'll have to clean it first anyways. Thanks for sharing!