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How to Hem The DeAnne LuLaRoe Dress

In case you haven’t heard, LuLaRoe has dropped their epic Elegant Line for 2017 and one new style made it’s way into the lineup, the DeAnne dress! This dress was purposely made long so for shorties like myself, we will need to get it hemmed and I am sharing just How to Hem The DeAnne LuLaRoe Dress so you don’t ruin this beauty!

How to Hem The DeAnne LuLaRoe Dress

The DeAnne dress was made and named after one of the founders of LuLaRoe – DeAnne Stidham herself. It was inspired by a dress she had seen many years ago with a price tag of $700 – WOW! If you are lucky to get your hands onto one of these gorgeous dresses you won’t pay near that. Just $140 and maybe your first born (just kidding).

The Deanne is a full wrap dress (NOT faux wrap) with over 4 yards of fabric, long sleeves, and a hand pleated skirt. The top and skirt are two different fabrics and there is a long sash to tie the dress with. The skirt is extra long so that it will be floor dusting for even the tallest ladies. The dress was made long on purpose with the intention to be worn with ladies of all heights.

You will notice the hem is a 3 strand overlock stitch which is the important part to this post. You see, this dress can be hemmed so that it will be easy for the shorter ladies (like myself) to wear without the worry of dragging and tearing the dress. However, it must be taken into a local tailor or dry cleaner to be hemmed to your perfect length. Keep in mind what shoes you plan to wear with the dress as hemming the dress with flats can make it too short while wearing with heels. This is one of those “plan your outfit ahead of time” type situations.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to hem this yourself or have your grandma do it (unless she is a professional) or you will ruin your dress. If ruined by improper hemming, you could be voiding your warranty with LuLaRoe so beware.

If you’ve already had your DeAnne Dress hemmed please drop a photo below, would love to see it done! 

And as always, if you are looking for somewhere to grab your elegant pieces make sure you join our VIP LuLaRoe shopping group here.