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Hide and Hug Olaf Ideas! (Like Elf on the Shelf)

hide and hug olaf ideas

You are probably familiar with the Elf on the Shelf Book and how popular that has become. Well now there is a new book in town- Hide and Hug Olaf

Hide and Hug Olaf is just like Elf on the Shelf only you have Olaf from Frozen instead of an elf and an entirely new book! You can make Olaf naughty or nice and place him around your home doing fun, crazy things!

We told our 4 year old son that at night Olaf “magically” comes alive and is mischievous. My husband and I then come up with creative things for Olaf to do and in the morning my son finds him. I am going to be sharing these fun Hide and Hug Olaf Ideas with you all so I hope you will follow along!

Start following my Hug and Hide Olaf Pinterest Board Here. 

Have an idea? Feel free to send me any of your ideas and pictures and I will pin them to my board! 🙂

Here is our first one: 

Olaf seemed to like playing Disney Infinity. Guess he feels right at home with his fellow Disney characters 😉

olaf playing disney infinity

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Saturday 20th of May 2023

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