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How Your Home Décor Is Affecting Your Mood

Have you ever come home from a great day at work, only to have your mood curiously altered when you walk through the door? You find yourself picking at the little things in your home. Maybe the room is too dim, or the walls are not the right color, or there is just something “off” in your space. You’re not crazy! Many studies have proven how your surroundings and décor can affect your subconscious and attitude. Today I am partnering with GoHaus to share How Your Home Décor Is Affecting Your Mood.

How Your Home Décor Is Affecting Your Mood

How Your Home Décor Is Affecting Your Mood

There are several different aspects that affect your mood when it comes to things in and around your home. The main areas include color, flooring, lighting, and feng shui. Let’s talk about them all!


Color is a powerful tool in the realm of interior design. You can make a room feel cozier with something as simple as a fresh coat of paint. A dark accent wall can make a space feel narrower, while crisp, white walls can give the impression of openness and brightness. Color can also evoke emotions. Fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott created this useful infographic that outlines the effects of color, usability, and which room they are best fit for.

acacia wood flooring


Floors are often referred to as the “fifth wall” to interior designers, which means it should not be ignored. When considering your options, think about how your flooring complements the colors and décor you choose. Light floors can help make a room feel larger, similar to the effect of lightly colored walls.

The amount of maintenance and how normal wear appears on your floors affects your attitude as well. Stress can be directly connected to a dirty or unappealing floor, such as a raggedy old carpet. Consider choosing a floor that is light, and easy to clean, like a vinyl floor. GoHaus flooring offers a large vinyl, hardwood and tile selection to consider. You can also visit this page to decide which floor is best for your space:


The amount of light in a room can also affect how you feel. Poor light conditions can create an influx of melatonin produced, which in turn will decrease the amount of serotonin in your body. The balance of both controls many functionalities such as sleep, appetite, memory, and mood. Specifically, serotonin can directly affect your happiness levels.


Feng Shui

I’m sure you’ve heard of feng shui before, the art of furniture and decor placement to create a positive “flow” within a space. If you place furniture only along the walls, it creates negative energy and dead space. Furniture can immediately trigger a mood, both in placement and in style. For example, round tables enhance conversation and can improve interaction. Utilizing plants can help make a space seem more inviting and humanistic.

With just a few small improvements such as lighting or furniture placement, you can improve your overall happiness!