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How Can I Find A Career I Actually Enjoy?

For many people, the idea of a career they love or enjoy seems like a very strange concept. After all, if most of us had the choice to either work full-time for a living or to simply gain that salary and enjoy the money for no labor, it’s easy to consider which we would choose.

But of course, even those who never need to work another day in their lives find value in doing so, and even retirees can sometimes go back into the workforce because otherwise, they would be doing nothing all day – keeping them sharp behind the ears.

It’s very likely that if you were to find a job you cared about, you would probably be happy to stay there and enjoy the lifestyle it offered you. For example, a travel writer may love the ability to go from place to place, writing down their thoughts and presenting local information to their readers.

So – how can you find a career you actually enjoy, one that remains feasible in making you money? Let’s consider that below, as well as a few worthwhile words of wisdom.

Consider Your Past Experiences

It’s good to consider the past experiences you’ve had in your career path and what you enjoyed about them. There’s bound to be something you can look back on with some sort of appreciation. Perhaps you disliked working for a gardening firm, but loved being out in nature. Perhaps your personality is more geared towards talking to people regularly, which is why a customer-facing role is ideal for you. Don’t be afraid to rely into the tolerable or enjoyable, it can help you move forward more easily.

Think Of Your Social Tolerances

It’s good to think of what kind of social contact you’re willing to tolerate in a job. That might sound a little silly – but are you happy with an office environment? Or would you prefer to travel in your work, such as selling products and services from business to business? Do you thrive on interacting with the public as before? Or might you be more than happy working on your own jobs, dealing with clients alone and managing your team as a contractor? If you can tolerate and even enjoy your constant social exposure, odds are the job will feel much nicer to keep up with.

Take A Career Assessment Test

Of course, sometimes it’s good to take some of the decision-making necessity from us, and focus on what we’re actually primed to do. So for example, a worthwhile career assessment test can help you decide not just what careers, but what general fields and roles may be appropriate to you. This way you can some direction but also the flexibility to choose many roles within a given specialism. This can certainly help lift the decision fatigue that may come otherwise, which many people report can inspire their next steps.

With this advice, you’re certain to find a career you actually enjoy, or at least become more familiar with what that might be.