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How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeTeam for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

The holidays are all about spending time with those you love. Sometimes those you love live far away. While many travel during the holidays, not everyone does and those that do are unable to visit every person that is distant. So today I am going to share with you How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays.

You know I am all about keeping life simple and I think we could all use a bit more simplicity during the holidays, wouldn’t you agree?  So I promise, I am here to help!

How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays

How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays

There are many reasons that keeps us from seeing those we love every holiday season. Plane tickets are expensive, traveling with a new baby is hard, and even finding the time to visit everyone is tough. You don’t have to resort to closing your blinds and sending phone calls straight to voicemail to avoid the situation either.

I have a better solution! It’s called the HomeTeam App!

The HomeTeam app connects families across distances. Whether you want to connect a child with his or her grandparents, or with a traveling parent, HomeTeam offers the perfect solution. This new app allows families to easily connect with one another, whether it’s through reading books, playing games, or just video chatting with each other.

Although we don’t currently have many distant relatives, I wanted to give this app a try so I could see how it worked first hand. I downloaded the app on our iPad and it installed fairly quickly.

When you open the app for the first time there is a tutorial that walks you through each feature. Setup is painless and easy.How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays3

I wanted to play around a bit so I clicked into the various sections. The first section is where you can find all the books you and a relative can read together. All of your child’s favorite Disney stories are right here. HomeTeam offers a new way to enjoy the magic of Toy Story, and more.

How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays1

The next section is games. Here you can select a game and play along with your distant relatives. Can you imagine how excited your child will be to get to play games with grandma and grandpa over their tablet?

How to Connect with Distant Relatives During The Holidays2

I truly think this is a great way to connect with relatives all over the world. Even military families that have spouses deployed can stay connected and have fun with their family in real time over the web. Isn’t that amazing?

So much does this cost?

Well, the first month is a free trial. When you start your free trial you are not asked for any credit card or payment information. After your free trial expires, it is just $8.95 a month to continue using the app. And, the app is available for Download on Android and Download on iOS so everyone can use it!

Whether you and your relatives live across town or across the country, I truly think this app is going to be so useful for the holidays. It will make your life easier to spread more love and joy this holiday season. how to connect with distant relatives during the holidays4

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