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How To Earn An Income Through Blogging

When it comes to blogging, it’s a big moneymaker for some. Whether you start it as a hobby or intend it to turn into a business, the power that some sites can hold is worth a lot of money to advertisers and other businesses. If you’re someone who enjoys blogging and wants to make income from it, then here are some helpful tips on how to earn an income through blogging.

Sponsored Collaborations

When a business wants to work with a particular owner of a site, they will usually try to organize some form of monetary compensation for the owner. As a blogger, the main focus of your site is the content you create yourself and whether you run the site purely by yourself or not, a business collaboration will usually come in the form of a sponsored post. A sponsored post is essentially the business sponsoring you to write a post either directly about the business or they perhaps want to get a link fitted in naturally. If it’s the latter, then they’ll want the content to be loosely related to the product or service they’re selling. A lot of businesses will go for this option because it won’t appear as much of a sales pitch as a blog post just solely based on the business.

How much you charge for a sponsored collaboration depends on the type of traffic you have coming onto your site, their budget, and how much you feel your work is worth. This might result in a bit of bargaining or more in-depth discussions in order to come to the best price for both parties. An important thing to remember though is that you should never undersell yourself. Try to always go for the best deal that is worth the amount of time and effort you put into the post.

Charge Guest Post Fees

Guest posts are similar to sponsored collaborations but this time, you’re simply charging the business for hosting an article that they provide to you. This involves a lot less work on your part due to simply needing to copy and paste it into your new post editor and clicking publish. You may have certain guidelines and rules for blog posts in relation to your site. This might be that you need content that’s 500 or 1000 words at least and that needs to have 3-4 links to other high-ranking authority sites.

It is important to note that links in these guest posts should be nofollow to comply with Google’s guidelines regarding paid content.

It’s up to you what you decide is suitable for your site, obviously, the more relatable the content is to your own, the better. Some guest posts might require a few tweaks on your part and therefore this might need to be discussed between you and the business collaborating with you.

Again, fee-wise it’s up to you but this might be judged moreso on the traffic that comes onto your site. Obviously, the more traffic you have on your site, the more you’ll likely be able to charge just like any other advertising deal that would happen between the brand and the publisher.

Try Out Affiliate Partnerships

A lot of businesses nowadays are using the internet predominantly to help sell their products or services. One way in which many bloggers and website owners can benefit from this is by affiliate partnerships. These are schemes in place that should a blogger successfully have someone purchase the product by going through their website, the blogger gets a cut of the sale. You would effectively be getting a commission on the products or services you influence into a sale for the company.

There are lots of companies that offer this and so it’s worth extending your hand out to these platforms that tend to join both the publisher and brand together. There’s also plenty of these platforms out there, so it’s worth doing some digging if you’re after specific partnerships.

Affiliate marketing is becoming highly popular due to the passive income it can create for businesses and those influencers or bloggers that advertise those affiliate links on their site. If you’re interested in this area of income, then it’s worth looking into an affiliate marketing training course.

Sell Advertising Spaces

Advertising of all kinds is important for businesses to do, and there are still many ways that advertising is formulated. For some, it might be online media in the form of paid advertising or a sponsored collaboration as mentioned above. For offline media like newspapers, television, and radio, there are still many local and national businesses that buy advertising slots. Advertising slots or spaces can be something that you can also sell as a blogger. Your website, after all, has a lot of white space both in the header of the site and down the side. With that being said, you may want to offer this out to businesses.

Create & Sell Digital Products

When it comes to your expertise as a blogger, you might have the ability to do more when it comes to creating a passive income. If you have particular skills in certain areas whether that be your IT knowledge or your success in creating successful blog posts, this can be something you can sell. E-books, worksheets, and all kinds of digital products are something that can be easily created if you know what resources to use. Selling them can also be successful if you know how to market your products to an already existing readership that you have on your blog site.

For some bloggers, they’ve managed to generate a lot of money, and that has even managed to help them create careers off simply creating digital products. It’s something that’s definitely worth considering and doing if you want to make yourself some extra money on the side.

Creating digital products can be done in various ways and they can be distributed beyond just your blog. You may want to create a shop on your blog site so that these digital products can be found easily enough. Think about what you have skills in and what you could formulate into a digital product that people will want to buy. Educative products that can help your audience achieve something, will always be useful.

Get Representation

For some bloggers, they get to the point where the popularity might spill onto other platforms like Twitter or Instagram. With social media platforms, the average person can become an influencer if they generate enough followers and enough engagement. That might be something you have or that you’ve simply garnered so much attention via your blog, that you really don’t know what to do with it. If that’s the case for you, then it’s worth looking in the direction of representation. 

Representation can be very handy due to the fact that they can manage any collaborations and partnerships and in some cases, get you more opportunities through their own reputation and contacts. Make sure that when it comes to picking an agency or representation, that you choose someone that’s going to be good for you and your needs. It’s also worth considering whether the timing is right and whether or not you actually need representation at this point.

Earning an income through blogging is something that has become widely more available over the past few years. The need for online advertising is something that is constant and will likely remain so, so long as the internet continues to exist. If you fancy earning some income through blogging, then it’s never too late to start today! Utilize these tips to help create an income or perhaps even a career out of blogging.