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How to Easily Save Money On Your Disneyland Vacation

Are you planning a magical vacation to Disneyland but worried about the potential strain on your budget? Fear not, Disney dreamer!

It’s entirely possible to enjoy the “Happiest Place on Earth” without breaking the bank. In fact, I am going to share my best tips on How to Easily Save Money on Your Disneyland Vacation.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Disneyland with my family many times and we are planning another Disneyland vacation really soon (our youngest has never been and she’s so excited to go).

So, with that being said, over the years, I’ve learned they are tons of ways you can do Disneyland on a budget. However, if you want it simplified to just 5 easy things you can do to save the most money on your next Disney vacation, look no further.

How to Easily Save Money On Your Disneyland Vacation

Book Early

One of the best ways to save a lot of money on a Disneyland vacation is to book your vacation early. The earlier the better.

Not only will this allow you time to budget for your vacation, it will also typically result in a cheaper price on hotels, AirBnB’s, theme park tickets, and more. Prices for Disney typically rise the closer to the date of travel so, book early and save.

Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards

One of my top tips has to include buying discounted Disney Gift Cards that you can use to pay for anything and everything in Disneyland!

Disney gift cards can be used in Disneyland resorts, Disneyland parks and even at Downtown Disney. Plus, most Disney restaurants will accept them too.

Now, with that being said, you will want to head to Sam’s Club to score some discounted Disney gift cards. The more you buy, the more you save.

For example, if you purchase a $25 Disney gift card, you’ll pay $23.98 (save $1.02) but if you buy a $500 Disney gift card, you pay $484.98 ($15.02 savings).

The discount may not seem like a lot but when we are talking Disney, you want to save in any way possible and even small savings, add up quickly.

Buy Discounted Disney Merchandise Before Traveling

Another great way to save is to buy discounted Disney merchandise before heading to the parks.

Yes, I realize that it’s part of the Disney fun to purchase Disney-themed merchandise in gift shops at the parks but just know, you will pay a pretty penny.

Sam’s Club has a ton of Disney merchandise that can help you save a ton and nobody will even know.

For example, I found Disney Headbands (Mickey Ears) in a set of 5 for $24.98.

They had a Disney 100 Classic Set, Disney Princess Set and Disney Villains Set.

Trust me, these are normally $30+ in the parks so paying less than $25 for 5 – is an INSANE deal.

I also found Disney 100 T-shirts that come in a pack of 2 for $8.98! Yes, TWO!

They come in sizes XS-XL for kids and S-XL for adults.

I also found these Mickey and Minnie Pool Floats you can pack in your luggage and use at your hotel or airbnb.

These were just $19.98 each. For comparison, these are $35-$75 each online.

I’ve even seen Disney themed water bottles, backpacks, blankets, and all sorts of merchandise you can buy on a budget.

The bottom line is – the Disneyland parks is not the only place you can score some super cute Disney merchandise for your vacation.

Use a Travel Agency

One of my best kept secrets is using a travel agency to book my Disney vacations.

My personal favorite (and really, the only travel agency I use) is Get Away Today.

The best part is, they are FREE to use. You pay nothing to have them help you book the perfect vacation.

Get Away Today has always helped me book the best Disney trip. They even share their best tips for visiting Disneyland which is typically, the best time to visit a theme park, peak season times (like spring break), and even have packages that include Disneyland tickets like park hopper tickets that offer discounts when you book alongside a hotel.

In the past, I’ve even gotten deals where we get free breakfast at the hotel we are staying at plus free parking. Honestly, these little things you may not even think of but over time, those costs can add up.

In addition, Get Away Today offers:

  • Extra Days Free to Disneyland (good for multi-day tickets (Park Hopper tickets) and single-day tickets)
  • Low Down Payment to Book ($200 to book your vacation)
  • Layaway – you can book your vacation and make payments on it (interest-free payments)

Bottom line – Get Away Today is a huge asset to have in your back pocket when planning your next Disneyland vacation.

You can book online with Get Away Today Here.

Pro tip: Booking a hotel room within walking distance of Disney is a great way to save money on gas or can help you avoid paying for ride share rides (Uber or Lyft) or rental car fees. Often times, hotels near Disney also offer a free shuttle to the parks.

Other Quick Ways to Save

  • Bring your own water bottle into the parks. The parks have many water refill stations where you can get free water. Better yet, grab Disney reusable water bottles for a splash of fun.
  • Bring your own food and own snacks into the park. Kids get cranky and hungry fast so be prepared and bring in a bag or backpack dedicated to snacks to cut down on food costs.
  • If you want the biggest bang for your buck, avoid visiting the parks during major holidays. Visit during an off-peak season (Get Away Today can help with that).
  • Visit local grocery stores to get items you may need such as snacks, drinks, sunscreen etc. You will pay a lot less than if you try to buy those items in the Disney parks.

Now that you are armed and ready with my money-saving tips, you can feel confident you are booking the best Disneyland vacation your money can buy and you’ll never be caught paying full price again.

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