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How to Get $30 For Free Just By Shopping Online

It is officially the BIGGEST holiday shopping season of the year.

With that being said, if you are anything like me and are avoiding the crowds by shopping online, I have a crazy deal for you…

How does a FREE $30 sound? I bet it sounds amazing, right?

Note: It was $40 through Black Friday weekend but they have since lowered it to $30.

Well, right now you get $30 back for FREE just by shopping online like you likely already are.

That means, if you spend $30 on a gift and get $30 back, that gift is now FREE!

Here’s how to get $30 Free by Shopping Online

In order to get your free $30 you need to follow this step-by-step process exactly or it won’t work.

Step 1 – Use THIS LINK to sign-up for a free Rakuten account. It’s an easy process and doesn’t cost you anything.

You MUST use the link above to get the deal or it won’t work! Also, this is for new members only.

Step 2 – When you are logged into Rakuten, search for the store you want to shop online with. For example, if you want to shop online at Target, search “Target” in the search bar then click the link they give you. This is IMPORTANT! If you don’t click the link from the Rakuten site, your order won’t be tracked and you won’t receive the $30 cash back.

Step 3 – Place your order as usual (as long as you clicked the link from the Rakuten website).

Step 4 – Rakuten will email you once they’ve processed your order for the cash back. You will then receive a check or PayPal within 15 days of your first purchase. Make sure your info in your profile including your PayPal info and mailing address is correct so you can receive your $30!

That’s it! You will get $30 back for spending $30!!

Now, the catch is, this is only going on through December 31, 2022. So, make sure you sign-up and complete a $30 purchase before then.

However, you can share this deal with your friends and family. Just make sure they sign-up using their own email to get the deal.

Note: You can get an extra $30 back if you have your friends and family sign-up from your referral link. Under your profile click the “Refer & Earn $30” button and there will be a unique link you can copy. Once they sign-up through your link and make a $30 purchase, you get $30 too!!

Happy Holiday Shopping and I hope this $30 back really helps this holiday season!!