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How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler

Motherhood is stressful. Our days consist of taking care of the children, cleaning the house, paying the bills, making the appointments, and the list goes on. Not to mention we are expected to keep our family happily fed which also consists of grocery shopping!

If you have a toddler or even small children for that matter, you know how rough grocery shopping with them can be. As a mom to a toddler myself, I want to share How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler.

How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler #groceryshopping #toddler #parentingtips #groceryshoppingwithatoddler #howto

How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler

I don’t know about you but I’ve found a few things tend to happen when I shop with my toddler…

First, my toddler wants to put EVERYTHING in the cart. I am telling you, whatever he sees as sweet or colorful – it goes in. Or at least he tries.

Second, if I even try to say the word “NO” it’s like WWIII has been unleashed. Crying, kicking and screaming is all that is coming from him and all those stares from strangers – it’s a bit much.

Third, even if I am able to avoid the first two (and that is a major IF) I’ve got a very short window of shopping where he doesn’t get bored. I get it, I don’t think anyone has ever said grocery shopping is fun. It’s stressful and between shopping and waiting in line then having to load groceries, it can be well over an hour your toddler is stuck in the cart. 

So, all of that summed up means grocery shopping with a toddler is NOT fun and most likely not how you want to go about your day.

How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler #groceryshopping #toddler #parentingtips #groceryshoppingwithatoddler #howto

But, there is one thing I started doing a few months ago that has changed my life in more ways than one and that is grocery shopping online.

I personally now get all my grocery shopping done online using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service. Not only do I save time, money and some sanity, but I can still involve my toddler while making sure he’s happy too!

Here is how I grocery shop online with my toddler:

  1. I create a shopping list. Having a list helps me ensure we don’t overspend or over buy.
  2. I login to my account and select the nearest store near me or the one I will be nearest while I am out for the day.
  3. I grocery shop online and add groceries to my cart. I do allow my toddler son to sit next to me in case there are things I forgot that he would like to eat. The best part is, if I say no to something, he can’t throw a tantrum for everyone to hear (but myself).
  4. I check out and schedule a date and time to pick up my groceries.
  5. I will then head out to my set time and pick up my groceries. I can even take my kids for a ride and not have to worry about dragging them around the store. My local Walmart has easy to follow signs so I know exactly where to park to pick up my groceries. I even use the Walmart grocery app to check in to let the store know I have arrived for my order.How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler #groceryshopping #toddler #parentingtips #groceryshoppingwithatoddler #howto
  6. My groceries are brought right to my car and the Walmart personal shopper’s even help load it into my car!How to Grocery Shop with A Toddler #groceryshopping #toddler #parentingtips #groceryshoppingwithatoddler #howto

The entire process from start to finish is easy and stress-free. I can grocery shop from the comfort of my home and avoid the toddler meltdowns, dirty looks, crowds and lines. Easy peasy!

If you are looking to have the BEST grocery shopping experience of your life, I highly recommend Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service.  Plus, if you are a new user you can use promo code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order of $50 or more. There is never a fee for picking up your groceries either which is different than other online grocery pickup services.

I’d love to hear what you think about online grocery shopping. Are you a fan?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.