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How to Have a Fun Family Game Night

Family time is so important and getting away kids from screen’s is important too.

That is why in our home, we spend at least one night a week as a family. Sometimes it involves watching movie or playing video games as a family (Hello, Mario Kart).

Other times, we spend it with a family game night using all sorts of fun board games.

If you’re looking for ways to gain points for being a really good parent you will start organizing a fun and unique evening that is bursting with laughter, competitiveness and games. Check out some of the following ideas to make your game night something your entire family will look forward to every time.

How to Have a Fun Family Game Night

Create Unique Quizzes

You may have seen clever anagram quizzes on game shows or in puzzle books, so why not make your own? You can use a clever tool such as word unscrambler to show you the words that can be made from other words. For example, if you typed in your child’s full name, this tool would bring up a whole list of other words that use the letters in their name. It can also be used to unscramble tricky anagrams, if you’re ever stuck for the answers in another situation! It’s a fun, educational and addictive game that will get all of the family involved.

Remove All Distractions

Family game night is all about you, so turn off your phones and the television at the start of the evening. You don’t want people getting distracted by text messages or funny movies whilst you’re trying to get through an intense game of Monopoly. Get back to basics and focus on the games only, rather than technology.

Provide Snacks

You’re bound to build up an appetite when your brain is busy solving puzzles and word games. Opt for quick and simple foods that you can eat with your hands such as pizza, pretzels, nachos and popcorn. You could also offer some healthy choices too such as hummus, cucumber sticks and fruit snacks.

Choose a Convenient Time

Don’t choose an evening when you all have to get up early the next day, as it can kill the fun vibe right away. You want everyone to feel as relaxed as possible, so pick a Friday or Saturday night if you can. Don’t start too late either, otherwise you run the risk of cranky and tired children before you’ve even got started.

Invite Friends and Family Over

The more the merrier when it comes to family game night. Invite your neighbors, friends and family around to make the teams bigger and even more competitive. You may even want to reconnect with family who you haven’t spoken to in a long time; this is a great way to break the ice and spark up conversations that have been put off for way too long.

You don’t have to stress yourself out with grand and opulent plans, you can make it as simple as you like. Family game night is all about spending quality time together as a unit. Get as many people involved as you like and remember to have lots of fun!