How to Make a Pumpkin Last Longer

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Pumpkin season is upon us. Before you know it you will be decorating for Halloween (if you haven’t already) and purchasing pumpkins to carve with the family. Unfortunately, pumpkins that are carved don’t seem to last long enough to enjoy all October long. So unless you plan to carve them right before the holiday, it means more money and time wasted. But I am here to help! Here is some tips on How to Make a Pumpkin Last Longer!

how to make a pumpkin last longer

How to Make a Pumpkin Last Longer

  • Wash your pumpkin really good.

The first step in making sure your pumpkin lasts longer is to wash it really well. Get all of the dirt off the exterior of the pumpkin to eliminate the bacteria and mold that helps it to rot. Pumpkins last a fairly long time if you don’t plan on carving them, but if you do want to carve it, you’ll need to check out these tips.

  • Remove as much pumpkin pulp and seeds as you can.

If you have decided to slice up your pumpkin, you will want the inside of the pumpkin to be free of mold and dampness, so it will last longer. One way to do this is to remove the pulp and seeds so it lasts longer. Dampness allows bacteria and mold to get into the pumpkin, which will in return rot it faster.

  • Preserve your pumpkin.

Honestly, there’s not one surefire way to preserve a pumpkin so it lasts longer, there are actually several ways to make this happen. Here are a few ways you can try and preserve your pumpkin:

  • Bleach- you can use bleach to get rid of the bacteria, but spraying it with a bleach spray keeps it a wee bit hydrated so it doesn’t dry out completely and rot.
  • Vaseline- a popular way to preserve a pumpkin is to coat the inside and outside of the pumpkin with petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly also helps to keep it hydrated.
  • There are also products you can buy to spray on your pumpkin to keep it from rotting. This is known as pumpkin preservative.

You can choose what works best for your pumpkins to keep them lasting longer. There’s just something about pumpkins in the fall months that makes life that much sweeter.

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  1. Every year the squirrel.s eat our pumpkin,s,tried spraying them with everything,they still eat them.

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