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How To Make Your Hallway Look More Spacious

For many, the hallway in the home is simply a passageway to another room. For some, a hallway is the room that greets them as they enter their home, but is still often a room that’s a second or third thought when it comes to home decor. Hallways are often long and thin rooms that lead to other rooms of the home, and if you’re looking to spruce things up a bit, then you’ve come to the right place! No matter whether your hallway is long and thin or short and square, here are some great tips on how to make your hallway look more spacious.

Use mirrors

Every day before you leave the house, you probably want to take one more look in the mirror to make sure you like how you look. Hanging a mirror in your hallway will not only make this simpler, but it will also open up the room, giving the appearance that your hallway is much larger. As light reflects off your mirrors, your room will also feel brighter and therefore more spacious. Another way to make the most of the light is to let more of it in through the windows if you have any in your hallway. Using lighter blinds from ABC Blinds can help make that possible.

Add storage

The hallway is often used as a space to take off your coat, shoes and bags as you enter your home. If you don’t have storage for these things, your hallway can quickly begin to look cluttered and smaller. Consider buying a coat rack and some hooks to hang your coats and bags! You can also buy a stylish shoe rack from to instantly add more space and style to the room. Giving your belongings a proper place in your hallway will not only give the room more space, but allow you to create an entryway to your home that looks more inviting. Some shoe racks also come with a space to sit to allow you and any guests of your home the chance to sit and put your shoes on before you leave the house.

Paint or wallpaper using light colours and shades

If you’ve got a small hallway, the last thing you want is a dark colour as this will make the room feel much smaller than it already is. Whether you’d prefer to paint or use wallpaper, consider opting for lighter colours and shades to help make the room appear larger and brighter than it is. If you want some sort of darker shade in your hallway, consider using darker colours in soft furnishings like your curtains and carpet to bring the room together without making it look smaller.

Use a floor runner

The easiest way to give the appearance of a longer hallway is to use a runner. Choose a shade that complements the colour scheme while still being durable enough to endure high-traffic wear and tear. A floor runner can not only help give the illusion of a larger room, but it can add flare and style to your hallway and help make it look and feel more homely!

A small or tight feeling hallway is far from the end of the world, and with these great ideas, you can make your hallways look more spacious for little to no cost!