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How to Make Your Home a Safe Place for Your Kids

Your home should be a safe and relaxing space for your entire family. However, family homes can present several preventable hazards for both your children, particularly if you have young toddler-age kids.

You must be aware of the issues that your home can present to children and the steps that you can take to prevent your children from coming to harm
within your house.

Hire a Pest Control Team

Although it is completely normal to have a large number of insects within your home, when these become infestations, this can become a danger to the health of your family and children. Common pests in the home include fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, and wasps, and these can transmit diseases to your children, cause irritated skin and inflammation, and even bite or sting children who are unaware if you do not take action against pest infestations. Luckily, it is simple to limit the exposure of your children to pests through calling a professional pest control near me who can help to eradicate the insects, or other undesirable creatures, within your home.

Take Care of Electrical Hazards

Electricity has completely revolutionized the way that we live our lives; however, it has also presented many new concerns for those that have children. One of the major concerns of electrics for children is the trip hazards that electrical cords create, and you should make sure that you can avoid these by disposing of any loose cords that could become problems for your family. You should also place plug protectors on sockets to prevent curious children from putting their fingers in them.

Ensure Furniture is not a Safety Hazard

Items as simple as furniture can present issues for children, and you can protect them from harming themselves on furniture by viewing your home from their point of view. By highlighting the problem areas of your home, you will be able to reduce the dangers for your children by placing corner protectors on your furniture or moving dangerous items to create a good flow around the room for your children to play within.

Use Locks

Your home is likely filled with dangerous cleaning fluids and chemicals, as well as other items that your children should avoid, using child locks on kitchen and bathroom doors is the best way to prevent accidents when you are out of the room. Not only this, but you should also put locks on your windows and ensure that they can only be opened a couple of millimeters to make sure that there is no danger of your children falling out of them.

Additionally, in terms of windows, you should also install quick-release blind cords to avoid choking, with 16,000 children treated for blind-related injuries between 1990-2015.

Protect Kids from Fire

Although there are many ways to prevent fire in the home, there are 354,6000 house fires in the USA on average per annum. Then, you can protect your children from fire by installing smoke detectors and fire alarms on each level of your home, if not in every room, to alert your household to the first indicators of fire. You should also consider installing fire blankets or fire extinguishers in the most likely areas for fires to start, such as your kitchen.

Stairs and even devices that can get your child out of house along with an emergency exit plan, are great ideas too!

The bottom line here is, it’s easy to make your home a safe haven for your family. It just takes a few precautions to get there.