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How to Make Your Kitchen Spaces Sparkle

The kitchen area is the heart of any home. With a few personal touches and a strict cleaning regimen, homeowners can keep this central living space in tip-top shape, providing you and your guests with a hub for good conversation and even better food. 

Besides acting as the backdrop for late-night snack sessions and microwavable meals in between online classes, the kitchen gives homeowners the opportunity to connect with their loved ones and offer updates on the twists and turns of their daily life. Whether you’re hoping to cook as a family, host dinner parties, or celebrate with a Thanksgiving feast, there are limitless benefits to a functional kitchen space. 

Sure, a neglected kitchen may not lead to a full-fledged family breakdown–though, you might be surprised. However, a disorderly, germ-filled kitchen can result in a pest-ridden environment filled to the brim with rotting mystery-foods and canceled countertop-tell-alls. 

Luckily for you, there are plenty of solutions for revamping dingy kitchen appliances and surfaces. Implementing a consistent cleaning regimen is sure to put the sparkle back in your kitchen’s metaphorical eye. 

Clean your oven

Although guests aren’t likely to inspect the intimate details of your oven, keeping dirt and grime from building up is still essential for appliance longevity and performance. Removing layers of built-up gunk helps homeowners ensure their ovens produce thoroughly and evenly cooked foods. 

Aside from boosting efficiency, clogged coils and rusty racks can emit dangerous bacterial fumes and are potentially flammable, making oven maintenance more than a simple aesthetic concern. While most ovens have self-cleaning features, well-loved appliances often need an extra scrub-down. 

To start, wet interior surfaces, and then apply a light layer of baking soda. After completing these steps, sit back and let the chemicals react. Are you interested in knowing how to clean oven racks as well? Tackle rusted, baked-on food residue by throwing your racks in the tub with five to ten dryer sheets and let soak overnight. The dryer sheets weaken the bond between the food build-up and the metal rack, making wipe down the next morning a simple and easy task. 

Scrub your stove top burner

At the top of the kitchen-eye-sore list—right above hard water stains—sits charred stovetops. Whether you’re dealing with flattops or coil-burners, caked-on food can be nearly impossible to scrub clean. However, while food stains work hard, ammonia works harder. This diverse chemical breaks down tough, hard-to-access stains, leaving your surfaces fresh and sparkling. 

Remember, daily maintenance is the real key to decreasing food rings and stains for flat tops, while ammonia and baking soda take care of tougher build-ups. With both chemicals in your artillery, stain removal is virtually effortless.

Polish your stainless-steel sink

Is your sink looking more dull and lifeless with each passing moment? Stainless steel sinks are known for being extremely durable. However, resilience doesn’t exempt sinks from hard water stains and food buildup. 

Are you longing for a shiny, spotless sink once again? Try sprinkling baking soda across the surface, bust out your handy old toothbrush, and effortlessly scrub away grime to reveal that sleek, metal sheen. 

Deodorize your disposal

There’s nothing worse than having a spotless kitchen accompanied by wafts of stink. Is it the fridge? Or the trash? If you’re at a loss finding this mystery smell, it may be time to take a trip to the ever-dreaded disposal. Avoid a disposal-related disaster by pouring lemon oil, vinegar, and ice into your drain. For best results, let the hot water run as you flip on your disposal and watch the magic happen. 

Revive your stain-splattered microwave

Avoid the horrors of unattended, unkempt microwaves by staying on top of simple spills and routinely wiping down external surfaces. This step will keep food from building up and make deep-cleaning easier and less frequent. For a more detailed cleanse, fill a small bowl with vinegar and lemon juice or oil, and place it in your microwave for 3-5 minutes. In no time, months of food buildup will slide off with ease.

Neglecting kitchen cleaning duties may be tempting, but the consequences add up quickly, leaving you with a mountain of deep-cleaning nightmares. That said, consistent, small-detail work is key to maintaining your sparkling dream kitchen. 

Revamp Your Kitchen Furniture

In recent times, kitchen islands have become the main dining areas for daily meals, while the dining room is left for more formal events. But dining tables are returning, and now you can fit your kitchen with a table no matter its size. Plus, various styles help you find the one that fits your kitchen design. For example, if you prefer the hardwood style, then getting an Amish made dining furniture would be an excellent option for more traditional kitchens.