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How to Maximize Savings This Holiday Season

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toys“R“Us for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. It is also no secret that following Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday shopping days of the year including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are planning to shop either of these days or even days leading to and after, there is some things you can do to Maximize Savings This Holiday Season and I want to share those with you! how-to-maximize-savings-this-holiday-season

How to Maximize Savings This Holiday Season

Let me just say that I feel like when it comes to shopping for the holidays, I am a pro. Over the years I’ve learned the ins and outs of shopping for the holiday season to maximize my time and savings. Plus, I get totally cool awesome gifts so there’s that… I almost like to think of holiday shopping as a science. You have to know where to go to get what you need and when to go there. You also need to have a plan because we all know that arriving late to join a Black Friday party is just not going to cut it. With that being said, here are some ways you can maximize your time and effort to making shopping this holiday season a success!

Make a list and check it twice. Lists aren’t just for kids ya know, although, you should totally have your kids make a list before you make yours. It gives you an idea of exactly what you need and whether or not to check for a really good deal or buy it at even the smallest discount. I actually ask my boys to pay attention to commercials and ad’s like the Toys”R”Us Big Book so they can tell “Santa” just what they want for Christmas.  toys-r-us-big-book With the Toys”R”Us Big Book they can even circle what they want. I have them color code their circles too. For example, my oldest circles his wants in blue and my youngest in green. Makes it easy for mom, I mean, Santa to shop! toys-r-us-big-book2 toys-r-us-big-book3 Limit the places you shop. One of the things that I found was that over the years I wasting far too much time running around to many different stores instead of maximizing my time at a few. For my boys (and often my husband) I can get all my holiday shopping done right at Toys”R”Us. They have all the latest and greatest toys at fantastic prices. Plus, they price match to many top retailers so there really is no need to go elsewhere.  For everyone else on my list, I made it a priority to find something among 2-3 stores I plan to visit. It saves time, gas, and overall money. Then I can truly enjoy what the holidays are all about – spending time with the ones you love.

Shop on the biggest shopping days of the year. Look I get it. It is not ideal to go shopping on Black Friday because of the crowds. However, whether you choose to push your way through a crowd or wait until items are available for purchase online (Cyber Monday is a great day for this) you want to make sure you take part. These days are meant to save you the most that you can almost all season long. Even things that aren’t as popular such as a new dishwasher or new washer/dryer combo are heavily discounted so I highly encourage you to shop on the days you know for sure you will save. It’s better than waiting and hoping you will find another day with another deal. Don’t take that chance and not being able to save.

Be prepared. My last piece of advice to is to be prepared. Know where you plan to go, who you are going with and when. Plan your budget, make a list and be prepared to compete with other shoppers. In the end you are ensuring everyone enjoys the gift you are giving this holiday season all while saving your time and money. I should also mention that lots of sleep, coffee and comfortable shoes go a long way! If you have toys to snag on your list, make sure you check out your local Toys”R”Us this Black Friday with deals starting at 9pm Wednesday and stores open Thursday at 7pm. Also watch your mail for the Toys”R”Us Big Book.

You can also Shop Now because they have some pre-Black Friday sales happening. Find deals and make someone’s day a little more bright!

So what are your best tips for maximizing savings this holiday season?

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