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How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Without Invading Their Privacy

Parenting is tough. It’s even tougher as they get older and begin to have more responsibility and control over their lives. Think about the first time you gave your child their own phone. It was tough, right? I am sure it’s still a constant struggle wondering whether or not they are being good and doing good with their phone usage. I’m not talking about the data, more about what they are putting out on social media and sending to friends.

So, stop wondering and start knowing. Today, I am sharing exactly How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Without Invading Their Privacy. Because the last thing we want to do is make your teens not trust you.

How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Without Invading Their Privacy #monitorweb #websafety #childsphone #teenphone #teenparenting

How to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Without Invading Their Privacy

Whoever said parenting is easy, must have hit their head a little too hard.

Parenting is tough -really tough. I’d like to think that one age is easier than another but in truth, each stage is different and each stage is tough. The image below completely paints the picture on parenting.

How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Without Invading Their Privacy #monitorweb #websafety #childsphone #teenphone #teenparenting

When the time comes where we trust and allow our children to enter the world and by that I mean the online world, there is so much that comes with it. It’s not as easy as giving them a phone, setting limits on their data usage, and checking their phone regularly.

It comes down to monitoring what your child is doing on their phone. Helicopter parenting can be a bit much and if your child feels like you don’t trust them, they will most likely give you a reason not to.

My suggestion is starting out with a conversation with clear expectations and boundaries. While your child may deserve some form of privacy, they have to understand they still live under your rules.

So, how can you do without invading too much of their personal space, keeping trust, and without hovering over their every move?

I recommend WebSafety.

No, that isn’t just a fancy statement – it’s an app!

WebSafety is an app to help parents, protect children and help them use their mobile devices safely. It monitors where your kids are going, the pictures they send, who they contact and who’s contacting them on their phone according to rules you set up. It only alerts you if your child does something of concern. You’re not watching everything they do all the time.

The great thing is the app works on both android and iOs plus there is a FREE 30-day trial! Once your trial ends, it’s just $5.99 a month. That’s less than a cost of your daily Starbucks Coffee!

The best part (in my opinion) is that it even monitors their LANGUAGE. You’ll know if they swear, cuss or use inappropriate words online and in messages. Personally, not only will this feature help determine how your child acts when you aren’t around, but I think it also helps with bullying. With all of the cyber bullying and bullying happening these days, I find this app so useful so you can know when to step-in to help your child.

Personally, this is an app I intend to use. As a parent it will give me peace of mind knowing what is going on with my child without having to overly invade their life.

Don’t wait another minute – download your FREE 30-day trial of WebSafety today!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions expressed remain my own.

How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Without Invading Their Privacy #monitorweb #websafety #childsphone #teenphone #teenparenting