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How to Stick with Eating Healthy

Let’s face it, by February, most of our new year’s resolutions are long forgotten.

We might have managed it for a few weeks, but after a while we get bored, we start to wonder why we wanted to make those changes in the first place, and we give up.

We often set resolutions that we’re not committed to, or that wouldn’t have a vastly positive effect on our lives or our health. But, some resolutions, such as eating more healthily, are worth sticking too. They can improve our health and mood, help us to maintain a healthy weight, increase our confidence and even help us to live longer. 

So, even if your healthy eating resolution has been forgotten, it’s worth trying again. Whether you have given up and need a way back in, or you are struggling to cling on as the weeks pass by, here are some things that you can do to help yourself stick to your healthy eating resolution. 

Give Meal Kits a Go

Meal kits are a great option if you are trying hard but getting bored with the same old healthy meals. They give you a way to try new things without breaking your resolutions. They can even help you to reach more specific targets like diet restrictions, portion control, etc. Read this Green Chef meal kit review for more guidance. 

Try Some New Healthy Recipes

By this point, you are probably well and truly sick of salads. Even with different additions and dressings, there’s only so many lettuce leaves that one person can eat. You might have even got into a routine of eating the same lunches and snacks every day because you know what is in them, and how much you are allowed. It can seem easier. But it’s dull. You are more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if it’s enjoyable and interesting. So, mix things up with some new healthy recipes, and don’t be scared to try new things. 

Don’t Be Too Strict

You are also more likely to stick to it if you let yourself have a little of those sweet treats that you love so much. Enjoyed in moderation, all of your favorites are fine, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Try Something Different

If you are someone that finds it easier to stick to a structured diet than to eat healthily without guidance, but you are starting to find it hard to stick to, why not find something else? There are plenty of diets out there, and we don’t all respond to the same ones. 

Reward Yourself

Find ways to reward yourself for good weeks. Take a long hot bath, buy yourself a new book or film, go shopping with a friend, anything that makes you feel good can be a fantastic motivator. 

Create Lasting Healthy Habits

Creating lasting healthy habits that are easy to stick to is usually much more effective than making sweeping changes to what you eat. Drinking more water, eating fruit with breakfast, preparing healthy snacks, walking after dinner and going to bed earlier are all healthy habits that are easy to stick to, and will help you to lead a healthier life.